Galentine’s Yoga Sculpt Sequence – February ’21

Happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s day! 👯💗 This Galentine’s yoga sculpt themed playlist has alll the throwbacks including some T Swift, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Spice Girls, and so many more! Had so much fun doing this workout with my roommate and hope you enjoy this Galentine themed sculpt sequence!

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Song: Hymn by Kesha

  • Childs Pose
  • Hovering Table Top High Plank to Tabletop 
  • Forearm Knee Dips

Intention: Loving Yourself and thanking yourself for giving your body this 60 minutes of movement and presence.

Sun A

Song: We are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

Mountain Pose –> Baby Backbend –> Mountain –> Forward Fold –> Halfway Lift –> High Plank –> Shoulder Taps –> High Plank –> Chataranga –>

Repeat x2 with different plank exercises

Kick Boxing Cardio

Song: Hollaback Yoncé Remix (on YouTube and downloaded to my Spotify)

  • Jumping Rope
  • Jumping Jacks with a side punch
  • Butt kick with arm circles in front
  • Fast feet alternating punches
  • Opposite Knee to Elbows
  • Side to side punches

Sun B

Song: Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld

Chair Pose –> Narrow to Wide Squats –> Chair Pose –> Forward Fold –> Halfway Lift –> Chataranga –> Right Leg High –> Step it through –> High Crescent –> Reverse Marios –> High Crescent –> Warrior 2 –> Reverse Warrior –> High Plank — Mountain Climbers

Repeat L Leg

Sun B+ and Squats

Song: Glamorous by Fergie and Solo by Clean Bandit

Add Weights

Chair Pose –> Curtsy Squats with Hammer Curls –> Chair Pose –> Forward Fold –> Halfway Lift –> Chataranga –> Right Leg High –> Step it through –> Weights like Columns –> Shiva Squats –> High Crescent –> Warrior 2 –> Reverse Warrior –> High Plank –> Mountain Climbers

Squats with Punch

Repeat L Side shiva squats

Ladder Challenge

Song: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Work your way down the ladder and then back up of 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 exercises

  • Crab pose with Ankle Taps
  • Tricep Dips
  • Froggie Squats

SS 1

Song: Stronger by Britney Spears and Wannabe by Spice Girls

Chair reverse fly –> Step right foot back –> 90/90 Lunges with Curl –> Warrior 2 –> Rotator Cuffs –> star –>Oblique Twists with a Punch –> Oblique Dips

Tabata (arm focus)

Song: Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce

20 seconds on, 10 seconds off

  • Criss Cross Squat
  • Burpees with a Tuck (challenge)
  • Mountain Climbers

SS 2

Song: Rare by Selena Gomez and 7 rings by Ariana Grande

On your Knees Tricep Kickbacks –> Down Dog –> Right Leg high –> 90/90 lunges with curl –> warrior 2 –> Side lateral Raise –> Star –> Oblique Twists


Song: Good as Hell by Lizzo

Donkey Kicks & Fire Hydrants

Plank Challenge Around the World

Songs: Best Friend by Sofi Tukker and Break Free by Ariana Grande

~7 minutes

  • High to Low planks (Commandos)
  • Forearm Knee Taps
  • Side Plank with Arm Raise (weight optional)
  • Boat Pose Bicep Curl out and in
  • Russian Twists
  • Back Weights up Sit Ups
  • Back Leg Raises with Weights toward ceiling
  • Side Plank with Arm Raise (weight optional)
  • Forearm dolphins
  • High Plank Shoulder Taps
  • Mountain Climbers to finish!


Song: Slide Away by Miley Cyrus

  • Alternating Arms across body stretch
  • Down Dog –> Pigeon Pose
  • Seated Forward Fold


Song: Lose You to Love me by Selena Gomez

Let me know what you think of this Galentine’s Yoga Sculpt Sequence & if you have any questions! If you like this post be sure to also check out:

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