CIVANA Review – We Stayed a Night at the CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa in Arizona (Recap & Review)

This CIVANA Review highlights our stay at the most amazing Wellness Resort just outside Scottsdale, Arizona. CIVANA has been featured in many top Spas roundups year over year including:

We decided to spend a night/day at CIVANA since my sister lives in Scottsdale, and I was already in town to celebrate her big 30th weekend celebration! What better way to celebrate than a relaxing sister spa day at one of the best wellness spa resorts in the world. Our stay was so relaxing and this CIVANA review walks through our experience both days at the resort.

What to Pack for a Day/Night at CIVANA

How to get to CIVANA

If you are not in Phoenix area, you can fly into the Phoenix airport. From there it is about an hour drive to the resort. You can either call an Uber or rent a car to have during your stay at CIVANA (won’t need a car while at resort).

Day 1 at CIVANA

We arrived around 5-6p and checked in with the front desk. Check in was smooth and we had an employee help us with our baggage to the room. They also give you the cutest black water bottles to keep upon arrival. The room was minimalistic and had 2 beds for my sister and I. The sunset over the pools was stunning to see!

Upon arrival, you’ll receive a schedule of events during your stay. Screenshot below highlights an example of what a week could look like (activities throughout the full day – you can see their full schedule here).

Dinner at TERRAS

There is only one dinner option at CIVANA which is TERRAS. You can find their full menus here. We sat at the bar and had a few cocktails which were incredible! The food was good but didn’t feel like it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. It wasn’t too packed inside and felt very cozy/intimate. They even brought out a dessert in honor of my sister’s bday!

Note, the menu is pretty limited so if staying a few nights at CIVANA it could be worth venturing off in Scottsdale for a meal one night.

Day 2 at CIVANA

Vinyasa Flow

There are so many options to choose from, but we decided to start our day with the Vinyasa Flow at the Sonoran Studio. This was a nice flow to start the day, but wasn’t blown away by the class. I’m also typically a fan of a hot yoga and this studio was not heated. Still a great way to kick off the day though! We opted out of the hiking options since we had hiked Camelback the morning before heading over to the resort.

Breakfast at TERRAS

What I loved about TERRAS is the commitment to high quality ingredients/healthy food options. We ordered the breakfast sandwich and burrito to share. However, again wasn’t blown away by the meal, especially for the price.

Spa Day

We chose to spend the remainder of the afternoon in the spa. The spa had varying temperature water pools along with a sauna, and an outdoor pool. We both booked a massage, and you can see the full range of services here. I am obsessed with a good spa day, and this was an amazing, relaxing day we had together. However, I was underwhelmed by the amenities/service compared to spas we’ve been to in Vegas and Mexico.

Lastly, we stopped by their other casual cafe & market Seed for some coffee & smoothies. We explored the grounds a bit more, stopped by the boutique to check out the goods, and then headed home!

To summarize our stay at CIVANA resort:


  • Stunning grounds
  • Healthy focus on food options
  • Loaded wellness schedules each day
  • Multiple pools
  • The Labyrinth
  • Cute Free Water Bottle upon entry


  • Lack of food variety for longer stays
  • Price – many things felt overpriced for the quality of what you’re getting ie food/massages. I also didn’t like that you had to pay extra for some activities on the schedule.
  • Hard to incorporate multiple classes into your day

Hope this Civana wellness resort review helped you plan your next trip. This is definitely a fun experience to check off the bucket list, and it was such a special memory I’ll forever cherish with the sis. I definitely wish we had more time to try more of the classes on the schedule, so will have to return again!


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