CorePower Yoga Sculpt Sequence + Playlist – February 2020

Happy February! Sharing my CorePower Yoga Sculpt Sequence of the month to any fellow CorePower teachers for ideas, or any fellow yogis looking for ideas to enhance your own practice.

You can find my playlist on Spotify here

Some favorite finds for sculpting:


Press play after a few inhales & exhales as it is a shorter song.

Song: Losing Myself by Shui & Denae

Childs pose –> Inhale/Exhale right & left corner arm stretches –> Inhale Table top –> Inhale Cow Pose –> Exhale Cat –> Cow/Cat at own pace –> Inhale Table Top –> Exhale Downward Dog –> Inhale Look Forward –> Exhale Ragdoll Pose –> Inhale Slowly Roll Up to Standing –> Exhale hands to heart center –>


  • Expressing gratitude for what our body can do for us rather than focusing on what it cannot.
  • Embracing the journey not the destination.

Cardio 1:

YES you read that right. Jumping straight into cardio to get the heart rate up! (My sis gave me this idea & says it is a huge hit with students).

Song: This Groove – Codeko Remix by Oliver Heldens, Lenno

Cardio Mandala: Jump Rope (Front) –> Box Jumps (Front) –> Jumping Jacks (Left) –> High Knees (Back) –> Jumping Jacks (Right) –> Butt Kicks (Back) –> Smurf Jumps (Left) –> Ankle Taps (Front)

Sun A:

Song: Faith (with Dolly Parton) [feat. Mr. Probz] by Galantis, Dolly Parton

Inhale Mountain Pose –> Exhale Baby Backbend –> Inhale Mountain –> Exhale forward fold  –> Inhale halfway lift –> Exhale high plank –> Toe Taps** -> Exhale High Plank –> Inhale two inches forward –> Exhale low plank –> Inhale upward facing dog –> Exhale downward facing dog

Repeat flow 2x.

**Plank Jacks (Rd. 2) & Shoulder Taps (Rd. 3)

Sun B:

Song: Phantoms and Friends – Kubi & Vincenzzo by Old Man Canyon, Kubi, Vincenzzo

Inhale Chair pose –> Exhale Chair with Airplane Arms –> Inhale One Legged Mountain (R) –> Exhale Airplane –> Inhale High Crescent –> Exhale Single Leg Crunch –> Drive your extended leg into your chest (keep your chest lifted, controlled movements, engage your core) –> Inhale High Crescent –> Exhale Warrior 2 –> Inhale Reverse Warrior –> Exhale Cartwheel Your Arms to High Plank –> Set up For Wide Arm Pushups –> Exhale Down Dog

(repeat L side)

Sun B+

Song: Wanted by NOTD, Daya

Inhale Chair pose –> Exhale Chair with Airplane Arms –> Inhale One Legged Mountain (R) –> Exhale Airplane –> Inhale High Crescent –> Exhale Pin your Elbows by your side: Bicep Curls with 90/90 Lunge (stack your back foot in 2 inches, lower/lift/inhale/exhale cues) –> Inhale High Crescent –> Exhale Warrior 2 –> Inhale Reverse Warrior –> Exhale High to Low Plank –> Inhale Up Dog –> Down Dog

(repeat L side with Hammer Curls with 90/90 Lunge)

Squats 1:

Song: Work! (feat. Kaleena Zanders) by Gigamesh, Kaleena Zanders

  • Leg commandos
  • Froggie squats

Grab Your Weights

  • Squat Press
  • Hold Squat low w/ Toe Taps Out & In Alternating Feet

Long song generally finish it early & skip to next song.


Song: Running by Elohim & GUD VIBRATIONS by NGHTMRE, SLANDER

Meet me Standing –> Wide Arm Biceps –> Pulse & Holds w/ Heel Raises –> Standing In & outs (Lunch Trays) –> Inhale Chair Pose –> Exhale Step your R foot back to High Crescent –-> Lower weights to frame knees. Narrow Rows + Tricep Kickback combo movement –> 

Inhale High Crescent –> Exhale Warrior 2 –> Side Lateral Raise –> Bicep Curls –> Inhale Star Pose –> Exhale Horse –> Chest Press –> Oblique Twists with Punch –> Inhale Star –> Exhale Warrior 2 –> Inhale Reverse Warrior –> Exhale pull. pivot. plant. Chataranga.

Cardio 2:

Song: Suavemente by KVSH, Beowulf

Toe taps (move your block to center of your mat and jumping toe taps on block) –> Reverse Burpees –> Jumping Jacks –> Football Runs –> Smurf Jumps

Squats 2:

Song: Yummy by Justin Bieber

  • One foot on block squat with leg raise (both sides)
  • Curtsy squats (if time)


Songs: Save A Little Love by Don Diablo & Fuego by Alok, Bhaskar

Inhale Mountain Pose –> Exhale Bring weights together. Tricep Dips –>Inhale Chair Pose –> Exhale Step your R foot back to High Crescent –-> Lower weights to frame knees. Wide Arm Rows –> Reverse Fly–>

Inhale High Crescent –> Exhale Warrior 2 –> Combo Movement: Rotator Cuffs –> Hammer Curls –> Inhale Star Pose –> Exhale Horse –> Oblique Dips –> Inhale Star –> Exhale Warrior 2 –> Inhale Reverse Warrior –> Exhale pull. pivot. plant. Chataranga.


Song: Drop It by Tujamo, Lukas Vane

20 seconds all out, 10 seconds rest. 2 rounds each exercise:

  • Burpees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Squat Jumps


Song: Under Your Spell by Aslove, Wolfgang

Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrants, Rainbows, In & Outs

Repeat Both Sides


Song: Baiana by Bakermat

Russian Twists with Weight/Block –> Scissor Kicks with Block Pass in between thighs –> Cherry Pickers (Place block on soles of feet) with Pulse & Holds


Song: Keep It Simple (Acoustic) by Matoma, Petey, Wilder Woods

Seated Forward Fold –> Supine Figure Four –> Happy Baby –> Supine Twist


Song: Fix You by Music Lab Collective

Other Sequences:

If you live in the DC area, come take my class! I teach Wed 7:30pm and Sat 8:30am in the Ballston studio!


hi, I'm Katya -- former D1 tennis player, certified CorePower Yoga Sculpt teacher, & soon to be IIN Certified Health Coach. Welcome to my page where I share all things wellness, real food recipes, and fitness. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to explore all things recipes, travel, yoga sculpt, wellness hacks, & shop all of my faves!


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  1. 3.29.20
    Justin said:

    Long time supporter, and thought I’d drop a comment.

    Your wordpress site is very sleek – hope you don’t mind
    me asking what theme you’re using? (and don’t mind
    if I steal it? :P)

    I just launched my site –also built in wordpress like yours– but the theme slows (!) the site down quite a bit.

    In case you have a minute, you can find it by
    searching for “royal cbd” on Google (would appreciate any feedback) – it’s still in the works.

    Keep up the good work– and hope you all take care of yourself during the coronavirus scare!

  2. 11.30.20
    Dani said:

    I was feeling lazy today & didn’t want to create a new sequence. What a gift this was! Thanks for saving me time and providing some sequence inspo!

    • 12.1.20
      katya said:

      Amazing so happy to hear Dani!!


  3. 1.23.21
    Hanna Austin said:

    Thank you so much for sharing your classes! It’s my first week as a sculpt teacher and just knowing stuff like this is out there is making me feel way more confident! You are so generous! And I love your taste in music!

    • 1.25.21
      katya said:

      youre so welcome!! so happy to hear this is helpful as I always wished there were more resources out there when i was teaching to mix up sequences! i’m sure you will do great teaching!! xx katya

      • 1.28.21
        Hanna Austin said:

        Do you want to stay in touch on Instagram about sculpt and such?!


  4. 4.8.22

    This is a beautifully rendered sequence. I love the detail and the effort placed on the inhales and exhales. Thank you for sharing, Megan

    • 4.11.22
      katya said:

      Thank you for the sweet comment! Happy it was helpful!

  5. 6.6.22
    Andrea said:

    I am so grateful that you share your Yoga Sculpt Sequence and Playlists! I am an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and have been doing Sculpt for over 7 years (Bikram yoga for many, many years before that) and have considered signing up for the teacher training. However Sculpt is MY time to focus, work and let go so I’ve hesitated in doing so. That said, the Sculpt instructor at the gym I teach at is unavailable to teach tomorrow and they asked me to fill in. I agreed to do it however while I know the sequences and poses, the thought was still a bit overwhelming with one day to prepare. I’m going to use most of this class above tomorrow and couldn’t be more confident and comfortable. Thank you sooo much! I’ll let you know how it goes. (fingers crossed)
    (I tell people Yoga Sculpt is like an intense work out and a warm hug at the same time. You feel energized and completely relaxed at the same time by the end. Such a cathartic workout.)
    Thanks again,

    • 1.5.23
      katya said:

      So happy to hear this was helpful!! Hope it went well!

  6. 9.19.22
    Katie said:

    Love your yoga sculpt content on here! it is so easy to follow! Thank you!

  7. 12.9.22
    Amber said:

    Thank you so much for putting your energy into this website! Sharing your sequences and recommended playlists is such a huge help (especially for someone so new to this) – I am beyond grateful!

    • 1.5.23
      katya said:

      So happy to hear Amber!!! xx