Pure Barre Review – What to expect for your First Class

This Pure Barre Review walks you through what to expect for your first class in addition to the class format, cost, intensity level, what to bring, and my review!

First Class:

Show up 5-10 minutes early to put your stuff away in the lockers if needed, and get the equipment needed for class. Make sure to let your instructor know it’s your first class so he/she can pay extra attention to you to correct your form as needed. Your first is free and you can find more info on redeeming on their site here. (Note that the free class only applies to the foundations class which is a beginner focused introduction to barre class).

Class Format:

There are 5 different types of classes you can sign up for:

  • Pure Barre Foundations
  • Pure Barre Classic
  • Pure Barre Empower
  • Pure Barre Align
  • Pure Barre Define
  • Pure Barre Reform

They have a full overview of each type of class on their site linked here.

They also have a sign in studio that tells you exactly what equipment you need for each type of class:

I took the Classic, so will speak to that format. I plan to try all of them so will update the post as I do!

What to Bring:

  • Water Bottle
  • Grip Socks – you will need these for more stability during exercises. You can also purchase a pair in studio.
  • Towel – optional
  • Fitness Watch (i.e. AppleFitbit, etc) if you like tracking your workouts
  • Hair Tie or scrunchy– to keep your hair out of your face

The remainder of the equipment is provided in class including workout ball, bands, mats, weights, etc.

What to Wear:

Class was a mix of mostly leggings with either tank tops or sports bras. I definitely felt more of a yoga/dance vibe for apparel and linking some favorite sets below.

Intensity Level:

Pure Barre is a lower intensity, high burn class. I was shaking on so many movements. The instructor also helps tweak your form which intensifies the movements even more. I burnt about 300 calories in the Classic class based on my Apple Watch, however I definitely felt pushed throughout class. The only reason you don’t burn more calories is because there is no high cardio element.


*Note these prices will vary by region* Below reflect NYC rates.

  • First Class: Free! You can sign up online or in studio for a free class. Note the caveat is that the first class ONLY applies towards a foundational class which is a beginner friendly class to walk through all of the basic Pure Barre moves.
  • Drop in Rate: $40 per Class
  • Unlimited: $309/month. Online offer currently for 24% of first month ($235).
  • Classpass: One class ranges from 8-10 credits (~$17-$21). I have found it extremely easy to find good class times with Pure Barre using Classpass, which can be hit or miss for other studios.

Pure Barre Locker Room

May vary by studio, but at my home studio, there were no locker rooms for usage. Only a small bathroom. For the rates I was surprised by this, considering how nice other fitness studio locker rooms are, but they do have lockers you can use.

Pure Barre Lockers

Lockers are free and easy to use. Just find an open locker and create a 4 digit code of your choosing to lock.

My Pure Barre Review

So my general Pure Barre Review Consensus is… I absolutely LOVED IT! I felt very challenged during the class, especially compared to other Barre classes I have tried in the past. I will absolutely be returning and be incorporating their classes into my fitness routine.

Hope you enjoyed this Pure Barre Review, be sure to check out additional studio reviews:

Drop a comment below if you have any other questions!


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