Two Days in Jaipur, India

This two days in Jaipur, India guide includes info on where to stay, what to do, how to get around, how to get to Jaipur, and our full itinerary!

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2 days in Jaipur

After spending one day in Delhi, and one day in Agra, we were on to our third and final stop of India’s Golden Triangle: Jaipur! Jaipur was so different from the other two cities we explored first. I adored the colors of the city, and how many intricate designs were scattered throughout the architecture. I would definitely say this was the most ‘Instagrammy’ city of the three with a variety of gorgeous photo opps, but they were so fun to explore and learn more history about. Also, we casually spotted an elephant on the road which was such a bucket list moment!

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What to Expect in Jaipur, India

  • Local Language: Hindi and English are the official languages. We were able to get by pretty easily with English as most people speak it there, except for taxi drivers who sometimes had more limited English vocabulary. I would recommend having your hotel speak with your driver for the day to talk through your desired route which will make your travel much smoother!
  • Currency: Indian Rupee. 1 USD = 81.85 Rupees (as of date written).
  • Credit Cards: I forgot to notify my credit cards I was traveling (oops 😅) BUT I had no issues with them. However to be safe I would call your cards to let them know you will be traveling! You can get by with credit card in many cases such as hotel, Uber/Ola, restaurants, many shops, etc.
  • Cash Withdrawals: I would definitely recommend withdrawing cash at the Airport ATM upon your initial arrival to India as you will want for the markets, transportation (tuk tuks/rickshaws), attractions, etc.
  • Safety: We felt very safe exploring the city and people were so friendly! Just be on guard in high traffic areas with your belongings as you would in any city to avoid pickpocketing. We also avoided walking any streets at night.
  • Water: Do NOT drink the tap water! Locals let us know that the only three water bottle brands to trust are Bisleri, Kinley, and Aquafina (we never had any issues finding these water bottle brands during our trip).

How to Get to Jaipur

Drive: We were coming from Agra and booked this private transfer from Agra to Jaipur. I would factor in more time than the 4 hours listed due to traffic, rest stops, etc. It took us closer to 5-6 hours to actually arrive to our Airbnb. It was a longg drive so definitely have some things ready to keep you entertained during!

Airport: Depending on where you are coming from, there is the Jaipur International Airport about 30 minutes outside the city! We did not come in via plane, but we did head to our next destination, Hyderabad, at the end of our two days in Jaipur.

Where to Stay in Jaipur

Hotels: There are plenty of hotel options to stay at for your two days in Jaipur, India. I rounded up a few of my favorite finds below!

Alsisar Haveli – Heritage Hotel

Bloom Boutique – Chelon Haveli

Samode Haveli

The Raj Palace

Search Additional Jaipur Hotels on the Map:

Airbnb: We decided to go this route as we were a group of 3 and wanted to all stay together. This is the Airbnb we booked. I absolutely ADORED our host, he was so accommodating and met us upon arrival, gave us great recs, and coordinated rides for us communicating with our drivers all of the stops. However, if I were to return, I would honestly go the hotel route since our Airbnb was a little too far outside of the city so we lost some time in transporting back and forth.

Jaipur Airbnb

How to Get Around Jaipur

Uber: A great option for getting around India is the Uber Reserve where you can reserve a driver for up to 6 hours! We definitely took advantage of this often to get around and squeeze in a variety of stops throughout the day.

Driver: Your hotel can also likely coordinate a driver for you for the day. Our Airbnb host coordinated a driver he recommended for us which was amazing as he told us the driver was extremely trustworthy so we were able to leave our bags in the car while touring before our final airport destination stop.

Tuk Tuk: We did not take any Tuk Tuks in Jaipur, but like the rest of India, there are plenty of them driving around to take. Just make sure to confirm price prior to taking a ride!

2 Days in Jaipur, India Itinerary

Day 1 in Jaipur

The following is a breakdown of Day 1 of our 2 days in Jaipur! We arrived around 2pm at our Airbnb, freshened up, and then headed out for lunch as we were STARVING after the long drive from Agra.

Lunch on Amer Road

We were initially trying to go to lunch at either The Tattoo Cafe or Wind View Cafe (right across the street from Hawa Mahal), but they were both PACKED upon arrival. Considering how starving we were, we decided to walk down the main street to find another restaurant. We stumbled upon this hole in the wall spot (pictured below) which honestly hit the spot! I wish I could remember the name for you all, but it was along Amer Road. Make sure to try some watermelon juice while in India, it became my go-to order – OBSESSED 😍

*Also note if you can time your trip to visit on a weekday, you will hit wayyy less crowds! We arrived on a Sunday which is why the main restaurants were so packed!

Jal Mahal

Next is a quick pit stop at Jal Mahal (Water Palace), a palace in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake. Built in 1699, the palace looks like it is literally floating on the water. Sadly you can’t go inside, so this stop won’t take you much time to see. We admired the views, snapped some pics, and then made our way on to the next stop!

Panna Meena Ka Kund

Continue on to see the Panna Meena Ka Kund stepwells. We also explored the temple right across the street! It is thought that this stepwell was built in the 16th century to collect the monsoon rains. Note you can’t go down the steps, but the views are so cool to see! Make sure to also explore the temple right across the street.

*As we were exploring the stepwells, a guide came up to us offering to give a tour. We ensured he was government verified with a badge and took him up on his offer. SO glad we did, he gave us a quick overview of the stepwells and then headed on the Amber Palace/Fort to continue the tour.

Amber (Amer) Palace/Fort

This was my favorite tour of the trip, you MUST do this with a guide. We learned so much interesting history and how they manipulated the rooms on opposite ends of the courtyard to warm/cool the rooms.

Bar Palladio

Head to Bar Palladio for dinner a the most gorgeous Italian inspired restaurant! Everything was delicious from the mocktails, to the bruschetta app, to the raviolis. You can stalk their Insta here.

Albert Hall Museum

Lastly, make a quick pit stop at Albert Hall Museum, which was so beautifully lit up at night! I wish we had had time to explore inside, but the exterior was really cool to see. The museum is the oldest one in the state of Rajasthan!

Day 2 in Jaipur


A must do in Jaipur is stopping at Lassiwalla to try the famous lassi drink of India! Lassi is a sweet yogurt drink, and they serve them here in the cutest little pots. We loved the drinks, sooo delish! Our Airbnb host also confirmed for us this was a great spot to try.

City Palace

Next head to City Palace which had a variety of colorful rooms and walls. I would recommend either exploring on a weekday or getting there first thing in the morning if the weekend as it can get extremely crowded. Make sure to not miss the courtyard with the most stunning, intricate, colorful walls! The palace opens at 9:30am. They also have additional rooms you can pay extra to view which we opted out of since there were plenty of beautiful things to see already.

Hawa Mahal

Next head over to Hawa Mahal, “palace of winds”. I adored the architecture and colors of this palace. The front facing piece of the building to the street had a ton of small hexagon shaped holes so the royal women way back in the day could look out to the people on the streets, but the people would not be able to see the ladies. The interior was really cool to explore as well, so I definitely recommend carving out time to see!

The Tattoo Cafe

After exploring all day, stop for a refreshing juice or smoothie at The Tattoo Cafe! The chaos from the weekend significantly died down by Monday, and we were able to get a table no problem. This cafe and the one next door have the best views of the Hawa Mahal to see the full palace with no obstructions. Plus the drinks were beyond good, highly recommend the watermelon juice or banana smoothie!

Patrika Gate

Coined the most photographed spot in Jaipur, swing by here on your way to the airport to admire the stunning arches. There were a ton of photoshoots going on when we visited, so just be patient for people to get out of the way if you would like to take photos.

Additional Places to Explore if You Have More Time!

  • Jantar Mantar
  • Gaitor Ki Chhatiryan Gatore ki Chhatriyan
  • Chand Baor
  • Monkey Temple
  • Nahargarh Sanctuary
  • Elephantistic (Elephant Sanctuary)
  • Samode Palace

Additional Restaurants to Try:

  • Tapri Central
  • RJ14
  • Anokhi Cafe
  • Handi Restaurant
  • Chowki Dhani

I hope you enjoyed this recap of how to spend the most perfect 2 days in Jaipur, India! I’m always an email or DM away if you have any questions 😊


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