Everything you need to know about getting a BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT

Mixing it up a bit from the food content to share my Brazilian Blowout Experience. Many of you have likely heard about these blowouts or considering getting one yourself! This post walks you through the cost (and how to get a great deal) of a Brazilian Blowout in addition to how to Prep, the process during the blowout, and the Aftercare. Lastly I share my final thoughts & if I think this treatment is worth the $$$.

Brazilian Blowout Guide
My hair AFTER the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT treatment


Salon: $250-$350

Most salons will charge in this range which is very expensive. I highly recommend taking the GROUPON route below as what really matters is the treatment they are using which will be the same no matter where you get the blowout. You can save around $130-$230 by purchasing a Groupon for the treatment.

Groupon: $120-$200

*Make sure it doesn’t say split end repair*

Must say Brazilian Blowout on Groupon!


Colored Hair:

If you have colored your hair recently, you will have no problem receiving this treatment. My hair prior to treatment had received a full balayage highlight.

If you are wanting to color your hair, make sure to color it BEFORE your Brazilian Blowout treatment as the treatment will better lock your color in place and heal any damage that could occur from coloring.

Shampoo & Conditioner:

I would purchase your post treatment shampoo & conditioner PRIOR to your salon visit so that you have it ready on hand at home and are not scrambling to find a compliant wash after the Brazilian. (trust me from my own experience – I went a few days with greasy hair before my order arrived) ?The two I recommend are:

Amazon Shop

Brazilian Blowout Experience:

The overall treatment will take about 60-90 minutes. Definitely recommend bringing something to keep you entertained during the treatment. I brought my laptop to do work or you could also bring a book!

Treatment Process

The following is the process you can expect when getting the Brazilian Blowout treatment in your hair:

  1. When you come in to the salon they start off by washing your hair thoroughly.
  2. Once your hair is washed, they will split your hair into sections to apply the product evenly.
  3. The stylist will blow dry your hair until completely dry.
  4. They will then flat iron your hair 5-7 times on each strand to really seal the product in.
  5. The stylist will then rinse your hair out to get the treatment out.
  6. They will then add a conditioning mask to your hair.
  7. Finally they will blow dry your hair again until dry and smooth.


There are no restrictions on what you can/cannot do post treatment. They say you can workout as normal afterwords. I personally was always cautious afterwards and did not put my hair up for at least 12 hours just to caution against crimping, but most salons will tell you there will be no issue if you do want to put your hair up.

The haircare after is super easy – the only restriction after is avoiding sulfate & paraben shampoo/conditioner. If you wash your hair with shampoo or conditioner that contains these your blowout will be ruined! I recommended my favorites above.

How Long Does it Last?

Your treatment should last about 12 weeks (3-4 months) as long as you follow the shampoo & conditioner protocol.

Can I Style my Hair After?

YES. My hair would dry pretty straight and very smooth after the treatment. My hair is naturally wavy. It still holds curls as normal and they just look smoother and healthier when you do style your hair.

Final Thoughts

I have had 2 Brazilian Blowouts now & will likely get another one down the road. I overall have been very pleased with the outcomes and it makes my life SO much easier when I want to go somewhere in a rush and don’t have to worry about styling or flat ironing my hair after my showers.

For my next blowout, I want to start having less layers in my hair as I feel like it takes away from the sleek look that comes from the Brazilian. I will also have shampoo & conditioner purchased PRIOR to my treatment to avoid having greasy hair for a few days.

Overall I have loved how healthy & smooth my hair looks afterwards & definitely worth the price!

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If you have any more questions about my Brazilian Blowout Experience, feel free to leave a comment or DM me! Happy to help!


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