Celebrating my Golden Year Birthday Party in NYC (29)!

Sharing all the details from my golden year (29 on the 29th) birthday celebration in NYC! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day/night to ring in the last year of my 20’s. Hope this is helpful if planning out your big day celebration in NYC!

With my 30th birthday only 2 MONTHS OUT, I’m now in the planning stages of celebrating (will share details afterwards), and wanted to share all of the details I put into planning my golden year birthday! If not familiar with a golden year birthday, it is when a person’s birth date matches their age. For example, if born on the 10th, your golden birthday would be when you turn 10. In my case, I was born July 29th, so my golden birthday is 29! To be perfectly honest, I was just looking for a great excuse to make the last year of my 20’s a fun/exciting day – and SO glad I did!

Invite was made on Canva, and sent out in advance! Note that my true address + instructions were on the invite sent, but omitting here for safety. This was helpful to send out so everyone knew the timeline + dress code!

Golden Year Details:

  • Gold Dress – sold out on Princess Polly but similar option here and tons of other cute options on site!
  • Gold Heels – I ordered so many options and these were BY FAR the comfiest option I walked all night in them with no complaints!
  • Gold Purse
  • Earrings
  • Birthday Cake Toppers (2 & 9)
  • Pregame Gold Cups – tbh these worked great for the night, but not sure would be my top pick to repurchase as the bottom of the cups didn’t stay on as well as would’ve liked but worked well enough, fit the theme, and looked super cute!
  • Birthday Cake – this was soo yummy and was definitely glad I ordered for dinner!

Apt Rooftop Pregame

I adore my rooftop in NYC, so wanted to take full advantage of it to host my friends for a dinner pregame! For an extra touch, I made frozen espresso martinis which were a huge hit! (Make sure to make in advance so espresso has time to freeze)


You Need:

  • Silicone Ice Cube Tray
  • High Speed Blender/Vitamix
  • Vodka – I used Tito’s
  • Coffee liqueur – I used Kahlua
  • Espresso – purchased from nearby coffee shop

Prepwork in advance of party:

I prepped the espresso the day before to make sure I had enough time to get the espresso and freeze it. I did not want to be scrambling day of!

  • Prep (if you have a machine) or purchase espresso to use for the martinis. I went to a nearby coffee shop and had them fill two full cups of espresso to ensure I had enough for the party. Definitely a strange request for them 😂 but was so worth it!
  • Pour the espresso into the Silicone Ice Cube Tray and freeze until hardened
  • Save the espresso cups for measuring vodka/kahlua next day!

Day of:

I had the vodka/kahlua ready to go to blend a few minutes before everyone’s arrival!

  • It is a 1:1:1 ratio of espresso, vodka, and kahlua. I saved the cups the espresso came in to pour the equal amount of vodka/kahlua into the blender with the frozen espresso cubes.
  • Blend all 3 ingredients in Vitamix or other high speed blender until smooth!
  • Pour for your guests and enjoy 🙂

After the pregame, we split uber’s to Kyma for dinner.

Kyma Flatiron

I inquired with Kyma here a few weeks in advance to secure the dinner reservation. I would recommend inquiring as in advance as possible to ensure securing a table. Kyma is a Greek restaurant with 2 locations – I chose the one in Flatiron due to location and looked like a bit more of a party vibe that I was going for. If you are looking for a more intimate dinner vibe, this is NOT your spot. If looking for a fun dance around the table waving napkins vibe, then this is definitely a spot I would recommend!

I worked with the Kyma team to finalize the fixed menu + title at the top that would be served family style at dinner. I was SO impressed with the quality of food, and very happy with the plates I decided on! Note the food was served pretty ad hoc so was hard to get a pretty food spread pic, but can assure you everything was SO DELISH!

They also confirmed I could bring in my own cake which I bought the 6″ birthday cake in advance from Milk Bar – was soo yummy and beyond glad I ordered! I gave them the gold 2 & 9 to top the cake with and they added their sparklers as well to light up when bringing out to our table.

Georgia Room

We got to Georgia Room by midnight which was the perfect time to beat the lines, and get situated inside. I chose the Georgia Room as it is a more spacious bar/lounge for NYC standards, and was the perfect mix of dancing, socializing, and more upscale vibes. A friend ended up getting a table here which was perfect to party it up the rest of the night!

I am SO glad I invited more friends here as I ended up meeting my now boyfriend/love of my life here which I couldn’t have asked for a more PERFECT way to end such an incredible night! We hit it off and spent the rest of the night chatting each other up and have been dating ever sense 🙂 Reminder that sometimes things really do happen when you truly least expect it!!

Hope this was helpful for planning your golden year or birthday celebration in NYC! As always, free to reach out via email or DM if you have any questions.


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