15 Healthy Breakfasts in 10 Min or Less

Rounding up 15 of my FAVORITE meals you can whip up in just 10 minutes or less. There is such a stigma that eating healthy has to be a long and time intensive process, but I am here to prove that it can be speedy & easy! This is a roundup of all of my faves that you can easily whip up in no time.

1. Scrambled Eggs with Kale, Avocado, and Berries

2. Classic Avo Toast with Mango Hot Sauce

3. Sunny Side Up Eggs with Spinach & Avocado

4. Greek Yogurt Bowl with Apple Chunks & Granola

5. Breakfast Taco with Eggs & Avocado

6. Breakfast Sandwich on Ezekiel Bread

7. Yogurt Bowl with Blueberries & Paleo Granola

8. Strawberry Avocado Toast

9. Loaded Sweet Potato

10. Avocado Bagel w/ Mango Hot Sauce

11. Avocado & Banana Toast

12. Banana Yogurt Bagel with Cashew Butter

13. Avocado & Chocolate Tahini Toast

14. Egg & Avocado Bagel Sandwich

15. Coconut Yogurt Bowl with Fruit


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