Solidcore Review – What to expect for your first class

This Solidcore Review walks you through what to expect for your first class in addition to the class format, cost, intensity level, what to bring, FAQ, and lastly my opinion on the studio!

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First Class:

Show up 15 minutes early to meet the instructor and get a reformer walk through (even more important if you’ve never done a reformer class before). Prices vary by city, but in NYC your first class costs $43 and $35 during off peak times. They are also currently offering first timers a 2 week UNLIMITED deal for $109.

For your first class, I would recommend making sure the instructor knows your time and that you are open to corrections. If able, it would also help to be next to someone who is a regular to mirror their movements. The reformer you choose won’t matter as much as the instructor is walking around throughout class! If they want you to move to keep everyone closer together, they will let you know.

What I wish I had seen before was their page linked here that has outlines of all of the basic Solidcore movements. This would’ve been so helpful to review beforehand!! There are small variations in movements so I would recommend looking over beforehand for basic understanding.

Class Format:

Majority of classes on the schedule are a full body reformer pilates class. This includes a ton of core work/obliques, lunges/glutes, and upper body. There are core exercises consistent across all full body classes with some variations in exercises they will walk you through in the beginning.

They also offer some classes focused on a certain body area ie core or upper body. I have only tried the full body class, so can’t speak to the others.

There is also an intro Starter50: Intro To [solidcore] class or Foundation50: Build Your Basics class that you should definitely start with if very new to working out or pilates and want to understand all of the exercises in a slower paces format.

What to Wear:

Girls: You can’t go wrong with a pair of leggings with a sports bra (one of my faves linked). If not comfy in a bra, there are plenty of cute tanks you can wear as well such as this Alo Yoga tank I love. Moderate sweat level in class (compared to a high cardio Soul Cycle or hot yoga) – but you’ll still warm up fast. You can do the class barefoot or in grippy socks.

Shop some of my favorite workout fits:


*Note these prices will vary by region* The pricing below reflects NYC rates. For the full up to date pricing, refer to their site here.

Class Packages:

  • First Class: $43 Peak/$35 Off Peak
  • 5 Classes: $41/Class – $213 Total
  • 10 Classes: $39/Class – $412 Total
  • 10 Classes (Off Peak): $32/Class – $333 Total
  • Coach in Training Class: $25


Regular membership comes with the following perks:

  • 24 hour advance access to schedule
  • 1x Free Friend pass per 30 day window
  • Special discounts from 6 partner brands

Unlimited membership adds on additional perks:

  • 2x per 30 days free new studio visit
  • 1x free cancellation charge waived per 30 days

Solidcore offers monthly, 6 month, and 12 month membership options with variations in how many classes you want to commit to per month. I recommend finding your studio linked here to look over your home studio’s rates.


You can also use ClassPass credits to book a class. However, Solidcore I have found to be more difficult to get peak class times with ClassPass, but great for off peak if able to work into your schedule. In NYC, classes range from 14-17 credits depending on time of day.

Intensity Level:

This is a low intensity, HIGH BURN class. From the first minute to the end, the class is nonstop with no breaks built in (can take on your own as needed). I couldn’t believe how much everything was burning throughout and I had to pause a few times from unable to hold exercises. I loved how much the class challenges you, and you can continue to add more resistance as you uplevel through repetition.

Calories burnt were pretty low ~200, but my entire body was sore the next day! This is a great toning workout that will strenghten all of your muscles.

What to Bring:

  • Water bottle: I recommend having a water bottle on hand as you do not want to be running in and out of the studio for water breaks. The class is nonstop, so having on hand will make it easier if you find yourself needing water.
  • Fitness Tracker: If you like tracking your workouts, you can also wear an Apple Watch or other tracking device during class.
  • Grippy Socks: Optional and a personal preference. I did the classes barefoot and had no issues with that.

Solidcore Lockers

This may vary by studio, but in my home studio they had free lockers with codes for use. You can also bring your items into the studio if you don’t have anything too bulky, ie a small purse or phone.

Soul Cycle Locker Room Review

I was honestly surprised that for the studio cost, there were no showers for use, only bathrooms. They did have a few general hygiene products ie tampons, deodorant, dry shampoo, hair ties, etc for use if needed.

What if I’m running late?

Just do not be late, ESPECIALLY for your class. Definitely plan to give yourself at least 15 minutes before start time to get situated and comfortable on the reformer. The class is already so expensive and 50 minutes, you do not want to miss out on any valuable pilates time!! They have a strict no entry policy if 5 min late to class and you will lose your spot.

My Solidcore Review

Likes: I LOVED how much the class challenged me and my whole body was shaking throughout. I definitely want to continue to incorporate this into my workout routine 1-2 times a week for full body toning. I also felt like this really challenges your core much more than any other workout I’ve tried so far.

Dislikes: The classes are SO expensive and hard to get peak time slots when booking through ClassPass which can be annoying. I’m hoping all those Insta reels about the boyfriends paying for their girlfriend’s pilates memberships will hit my boyfriend’s feed eventually to help cover the steep costs (wink wink 😉).

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoyed this Solidcore Review, and let me know if you have any other questions! Be sure to also check out my other studio reviews:


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