SLT Studio Review – What to expect for your first class

This SLT Review walks you through what to expect for your first class in addition to the class format, cost, intensity level, what to bring, and FAQ!

First Class:

I would recommend showing up to class ~10-15 minutes before starting to check in, sign the waiver, and let the instructor know it’s your first class. If you are late for your first visit to SLT, they will NOT let you in.

The instructor will give you a walk through of the reformer machine and how to adjust your springs. Let them know as well you would like corrections throughout class so they can hopefully give you some extra attention during! Definitely helpful to have them check in on your form.

Class Format:

As of date written, all studios have the same SLT Reformer Pilates class without any variations in options to sign up for EXCEPT for one SLT Tread studio in Nomad. The SLT Tread studio is a combination of treadmill and reformer pilates exclusive to the location on 88 Madison Ave. I will not speak to the SLT Tread class in this SLT Review.

What to Bring:

Note that SLT studios require you to wear grip socks for class. If you do not have a pair I linked a couple options below, or they also have socks in studio available for purchase.

  • Water Bottle
  • Fitness Watch (optional)
  • Grip Socks (REQUIRED)
  • Towel (optional – they also provide in studio)

What to Wear:

Any clothes you are comfortable in to move your body in works great from leggings to biker shorts to one pieces. I would only recommend avoiding and loose fitted shorts as there is a lot of leaning over/bending and you may feel uncomfortable if feeling like flashing others in class! I also personally would recommend a tight fitted top for the same reason of not having your top hanging into your face during exercises.

Linking some faves 🖤

Intensity Level:

This 50 minute class is a very controlled movement, high burn series of exercises on the reformer. You’ll burn less calories in this class, but it is great for strengthening and toning. This of course will vary by person, but for reference, I burnt about 130 active calories and 192 total calories during the 50 minutes of class.

You can also continue to modify resistance with the springs to make the class more or less challenging. Breaks are not really cued throughout and it is fast paced transitions from one exercise to the next. You can of course take a break as needed throughout!


*Note these prices will vary by region* The below pricing reflects the NYC rates

Class Packages

  • Single Class $42
  • 5 Classes $40 per class ($200)
  • 10 Classes $38 per class ($380)
  • 20 Classes $36 per class ($720)
  • 50 Classes $34 per class ($1700)
    • (Special 2024 Offer – expires 12/31/24)

Monthly Membership

Note that members are eligible for access to discounted add-on class rate, early booking, retail discount and guest passes.

  • 4 Classes/mo. $38 per class ($152/mo)*
  • 8 Classes/mo. $36 per class ($288/mo.)*
  • Monthly Unlimited $15 per class ($440/mo.)*

*Monthly memberships are valid at all NYC and Brooklyn studios and are automatically charged until you cancel. 3 month commitment.


If you’ve been reading my other studio reviews, you’ve likely picked up by now that I am a HUGE fan of ClassPass. As you can see below, unless you are doing the monthly unlimited membership, the cost per class is lower with ClassPass. However, you are limited by tougher access to peak hour classes and you cannot reserve a specific reformer. (You may be able to request a reformer though upon arrival – just not guaranteed)!

  • Single Class: 14 Credits (~$29 per class)

SLT Lockers

This may vary by studio, but in the SLT Noho studio, they had free lockers with codes for use. They also have cubbies for shoes if you don’t want to use a locker. You can also bring your items into the studio if you don’t have anything too bulky, ie a small purse or phone.

SLT Locker Room Review

I was honestly surprised that for the studio cost, there were no showers for use, only bathrooms/changing rooms. They did have a few general hygiene products ie deodorant, dry shampoo, hair ties, etc for use if needed.

My SLT Reformer Pilates Review

I really loved this class and felt like it was challenging and great for full body toning. I will continue to incorporate pilates into my fitness routine. However, as of now I found Solidcore to be slightly more challenging, especially with a greater core focus, so would rather spend the money there with them being the same price. SLT felt like it had a calmer energy with slower, controlled movements throughout class.


  • Full body toning and can continue to challenge yourself further with higher resistance
  • Slow, controlled movements that seriously burn and tone
  • Class will vary by instructor so not getting an IDENTICAL routine every time
  • Fun music played throughout class – will also vary by instructor


  • SLT specific lingo not catered to newcomers – will take a few classes to learn the movements they are cueing
  • Can be hard to follow exercise cues and if you don’t understand, may have to wait for instructor to assist in correction
  • Pricy – not a surprise but reformer classes are very pricy. I feel like longer term once i have the space in a home I would rather buy a reformer machine and do classes at home. However note that prices are almost identical to what you’re paying for Solidcore.

SLT Pilates FAQ:

What if I’m running late?

Just do not be late, ESPECIALLY for your class. Definitely plan to give yourself at least 15 minutes before start time to get situated and comfortable on the reformer. The class is already so expensive and for just 50 minutes, you do not want to miss out on any valuable pilates time!!

If not your first class, they may give up your slot to a walk in client if late. This will NOT allow entry if you show up 15 minutes or more past start time for safety reasons + experience of others.

What if I have a specific injury & can’t do certain exercises?

With the nature of SLT being a full body workout, I would not recommend taking class if you have a serious knee, back, wrist, or shoulder injury. There are a lot of combo movements with lunges, planks, etc all on the reformer, so it could be tough to get modified exercises. I would talk to the studio/instructor if you have a concern and aren’t sure if class is ok for you along with your doctor if applicable.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

YES. The only two caveats to note are:

  1. There is a 3 month upfront commitment when starting a membership that you cannot opt out of until complete.
  2. After the 3 month minimum is complete, you can email your local studio at least 3 days in advance before your month cycle ends and they will be able to cancel the auto renew.

Can I use my SLT membership/class packs across studios?

  • (As of date written) NYC/Brooklyn/Hampton memberships are interchangeable across all studios.
  • Class credits are per region only except for NYC/Brooklyn which are interchangeable.

I hope you enjoyed this SLT Review, and let me know if you have any other questions! Be sure to also check out my other studio reviews:

Drop a comment below or DM me if you have any other questions!


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