Recent Amazon Finds I’m Loving

Rounding up a few of my most recent Amazon Finds I’m loving including some athleisure finds I shared in stories. I try to make an effort to only buy things I know I will max out my use of so the roundup are all things I have incorporated into my daily life and swear by them all.

Over the years, I’ve been transitioning more and more & more goods on Amazon because 1) it is SO easy and quick 2) returns are a piece of cake and 3) they have literally everything you could possibly need!! But seriously the free shipping makes my life so easy and I love how easy they make returns if something doesn’t work out where half the time I don’t even have to pack it up into a box.

  1. Hydroflask with Straw Lid: I am not kidding when I tell you I use this bottle EVERY SINGLE DAY. This helps me hit my daily water goals and in the mornings I’ll squeeze half a lemon inside. The Straw lid is the best part of the bottle as you can sip the water up without having to tilt your bottle. OBSESSED.
  2. Initial Heart Necklace (14K Gold): Loving this affordable pendant that goes with most outfits and the personalized initial. Plus it is 14K gold!
  3. Lulu Lemon Dupe Leggings: Found these leggings on Tik Tok & they are a 1/4 of the cost of the Lulu Lemon align. I would argue they feel just as nice. I wear these all the time now and have been so so happy with the purchase! I ordered the grey sage (S) and black leggings and was happier with the grey sage over the black. The material is so soft and they fit just as well as my lulu’s!
  4. Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp: This lamp is a staple in my bedtime routine. At night I turn my lights off, light some candles, and turn on the Himalayan salt rock lamp. It has such a calming, soothing effect and I love the red light in my room!
  5. Snake Print Leggings: Super fashionable and perfect with a black crop or tank. Loving these for yoga and the waist band is belly tucking and very flattering on!
  6. Wireless Charger: I’ve kept this on my nighstand, and makes my life so much easier not having a billion cords lying around to charge my devices. It is so nice having a multi purpose charger in one place that can charge my iphone, apple watch, and airpods all at the same time.
  7. Leopard Biker Shorts: Finally jumped on the biker short train & these are perfect for runs to avoid chafing! So cute and loving this trend.
  8. Smeg Toaster Dupe: We needed a new toaster for our apartment and wanted the Smeg look without dropping the $$ on a toaster. This toaster gives the sleek, retro look without dropping >$100 to get it.
  9. Storage Baskets (4): These baskets fit perfectly into storage cubes and enhanced our home decor to better organize our shelves. We loved these baskets and purchased even more after the first batch to load up our pantry shelves!
  10. Marble Soap Dispenser I finally caved and bought a soap dispenser, which may seem silly, but I was very anti soap dispenser because I saw it as a waste of money. However the dispenser makes my bathroom look so much nicer and adds a chic look to the space.

Hope you enjoyed this roundup of my recent Amazon finds I’m loving. Let me know what your favorite Amazon products are in the comments below!



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