My Top Purchases of 2020

In honor of the New Year I’m sharing a roundup of 20 of my top purchases of 2020! Lots of athleisure and wellness purchases were made in 2020 and sharing my absolute favorites of what was bought for the year that are great splurges or closet staples. I can be a bit of a shopaholic sometimes but always look for items that will become a staple in my day to day routine and won’t just sit in the corner becoming a dust collector. All of these items are either used daily by me or in a consistent rotation and cannot recommend them enough! Hope you enjoy this roundup and find some inspo for a 2021 closet/home addition!


Lulu Lemon Dupe Leggings This pair is SO soft and only a quarter of the cost of the Lulu Lemon aligns. I purchased this pair in grey sage which I love along with black (do not like as much as the grey sage). The waist is slightly bigger than my Lulu’s so I do not wear them for activities like tennis but fine for weight lifting or lounging!

Hoka Running Shoes (Pink) My new favorite pair of running shoes! I saw a few bloggers share these shoes and had to try out for myself. I love the color options – I purchased pink and the soles are so thick to give you tons of cushion for long runs.

Tory Burch Workout Set Love love LOVE this set with the matching sports bra! Did a poll on IG stories to help choose between two colors and due to popular votes went with the grey set! This set is super comfy and fits really well. A bit of an investment piece but the colors are neutral enough to last you a while!

Lulu Lemon Biker Shorts These shorts give you the perks of the cozy, butter align material with the biker fit. You can also get the shorts altered to a desired length in store for free if the 6″ is not for you. Many color options available! (I went with black)

Free People Good Karma Leggings These leggings are so cute and come in a billion color options! Would love one in every color if I could! These are perfect for any workout and have matching bras to complete the set.

Lulu Lemon High Neck Energy Bra Loved this bra so much I bought it TWICE in both black and white. The fit is a perfect length where you get more of a crop feel and it goes with everything! Definitely a workout staple to have in your closet.


Bluelight Blocking Glasses These are the BEST glasses to throw on at night to minimize the blue light you see. This set is super affordable and so cute! Because let’s be real, as much as we try, it generally isn’t realistic to shut the screens off a few hours before bed so that’s where these glasses come in. These block blue light that disrupts your sleep and the better your sleep, the better everything else falls into place. Whether you realize it or not, the blue light will lower your sleep quality

Hydroflask I take this bottle EVERYWHERE with me throughout the day and the sippy straw is a gamechanger. You only need to drink 4 bottles of these a day to hit a gallon water goal and I sip on water throughout the day or drink my lemon water in the bottle in the mornings.

Tinted SPF Nothing better than a 2 in 1 combo where you get the benefits of a tan glow with SPF protection! The founder of Drunk Elephant shares her story battling skin issues until ultimately discovering a ‘suspicious 6’ ingredient list which she removed in full from the Drunk Elephant line upon creating. I put this SPF on regularly when I know I will be getting sun exposure to prevent skin damage and wrinkles!

At-Home Microdermabrasion This was a splurge purchase after seeing this product on Tik Tok lol. But let me tell ya, this machine is incredible! You get the perks of an in studio facial at home which is even more convenient during Covid times. You will be shook by how much gunk you get out of your face during a session. The machine is super easy to set up, store, and it guides you through every step of the way for where to position the suction!

Silk Pillowcase Considering we spent a third of our lives sleeping, I balled out on every item in my bed. These pillowcases are silky smooth and are great for your skin AND hair. Aka less WRINKLES & FRIZZY HAIR. I mean, what’s not to love about that? There are a few color options to match your aesthetic, and if you haven’t caught on yet, I’m a big fan of neutrals so I went with the plain white!

Squatty Potty Ok ok you may laugh at this one but hear me out on it! I finally caved in getting my own squatty potty and trust me, it is life changing. And there are so many health benefits to using one as our bodies are naturally designed to go #2 in a more squatted position! You’ll never want to go back to going without one once you purchase a squatty potty yourself.


Where the Crawdads Sing This book blew me away and I legit finished it in just 2 days as I couldn’t put it down! The novel takes place in the marshlands of NC and includes a coming of age story, a murder mystery, and romance all in 1! The story alternates between the main character Kya growing up from the age of 6 to an adult along with flash forwards to the future involving a murder mystery of the town hotshot Chase. We eventually merge the two time periods near the end of the book to finish out the story. This book was so captivating and I could not put it down! Even more excited that Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine, is adapting this novel into a movie!

The Nightingale Such an incredible read that you also will not be able to put down. The story intertwines the journey of two sisters in France during World War II. I loved reading a women’s perspective in a unique way that we tend to not see in history as frequently. Even more captivating was the immense bravery both of the sisters displayed, each in their own unique way. This is another novel that is being adapted into a film! The Fanning sisters will be playing the sisters in the book and is aiming to be released this Christmas 2021.


Polene Numero Un Nano I was due for a new purse as mine was starting to show some wear as it was my go to for a few years in DC. Polene is an incredible brand and this purse is the perfect size to hold all of your essentials! The price is super affordable ($260) as well for the level of quality you get which is top notch. In this purse I can easily fit the following: phone, wallet, keys, lipgloss, sunglasses and still plenty of room to spare! There are a ton of color options as well and I went with the tan textured leather as I am a huge fan of neutrals and it goes with everything!

Maison de Sabre Phone Case After getting my new iPhone (finally caved and got the 12 Pro) I wanted to get a chic case to go with it! This case is so adorable and comes in a billion color options plus the option to personalize with your initials! Make sure to get a screen protector as well – this protector is THE BEST and beyond easy to put on + I can’t even tell I have one on. Let me tell you – screen protectors have come a longgg way since the initial days of having an iPhone. However the iPhone screen cracking still needs a lot of improvement as my last phone completely shattered. You would think by model 12 we could have some crack free phones but for now… I’ll have to settle with a screen protector.

Electric Picks Mini Gold Hoop Earrings Electric Picks was a favorite jewelry brand find this year with amazing quality gold jewelry. The founder’s have an awesome story and always a plus supporting small businesses! The mini gold hoops were one of my favorite finds from them along with the python gold chain necklace. I never take them off – even in the shower! Electric Picks have a no tarnish guarantee with a lifetime warranty. This means they will accept a tarnished return – no questions asked!

Dry Erase Calendar Board


Canon 5D Mark IV Camera I have been dreaming about investing in a high quality camera for YEARS and finally pulled the trigger last year! This camera was by far the #1 recommended camera from professionals in the blogging/photography space. For any blogger photo enthusiast, this is a great investment to get higher quality photos for your work, trips, events, etc. Continuing to improve my photography skills this year is a huge goal of mine and very excited to keep playing around with the features the camera has to offer!

Apple AirPods Pro After owning the standard AirPods for a couple of years, I finally upgraded to the Pro last year. Best decision ever made! The sound quality is incredible with the option to turn the noise cancelling features on/off. These have been the best thing ever for long flights to block out the external noise – aka a saint when it comes to crying babies on the plane. These fit super comfy in your ears as well and this case cover fits perfectly on your keychain so you never lose them!

WHEW that was a long list, and if you made it this far, thank you for reading! 2020 was a tough year for us in so many ways, but it also allowed me to connect more with the people I love most and find more balance in my career by working from home. The one thing I can assure you is that every purchase I make I spend hours researching and will only share products I absolutely LOVE.

I would LOVE to know what your top purchases of 2020 were in the comments below!


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