My Top 10 Essential Sleep Tips

These 10 essential sleep tips are some of my main secrets for getting better zzz’s each night. Sleep is the most underrated thing to help you be 100% your best self.There are countless studies showing that even ONE night of poor sleep can negatively affect you in more ways than you know. I started tracking my sleep on my Apple Watch which was SO eye opening to my sleep quality and hours I was getting each night. Sleep is definitely something I used to not prioritize, so implementing these tips into my daily routine has been a huge game changer.

1) White Noise Machine

I have this white noise machine from Amazon and love the sleek, design of this machine that tucks easily into a corner of your room or nightstand. There are multiple sound options to block out any distracting noises while you sleep.

2) Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Ideally, you would have a full technology curfew, but let’s be real. In today’s day and age being on laptops and phones is a daily habit and often can be an essential for work or other matters. There are many studies that show that the blue light emitted from your devices make it harder for you to fall asleep, reduce your REM sleep quantity, and leaves you feeling lest rested in the morning. These are some of my favorite blue light blocking glasses to put on in the evening.

3) Blackout Your Room

This is one of the most underrated steps but makes a HUGE difference in your sleep quality. Whether you realize it or not, light is a serious disruptor in your sleep. Our bodies are designed to sleep as our ancestors did in pitch blackness. In fact a study done on kids found that children who had a light on when they slept or a night light developed eye sight problems compared to kids that slept in pitch black. Shift any electronics OUT of the bedroom and purchase some blackout curtains if you do not own any at the moment. If blacking out the room is not an option (ie when travelling), I also have a pink silk eye mask which I love and is so chic to sleep in at night.

4) Exercise Curfew

This was a tough one for me to implement into my routine, but SO important to get some z’s. What I found was that doing late night workouts gave me a new rush of energy that made it hard to wind down before bed. I cut off workouts at LEAST 2 hours before bed time. It has made a huge difference.

5) Comfy Pajamas

Pajamas signal to your brain that it is time to sleep. Some of my favorite pj’s are from Eberjey and are the silkiest, coziest pair to throw on my body. I have the Gisele Tuxedo Slim PJ Set in Navy Blue & am obsessed. I like the tuxedo style since slimmer on the legs. My next set will definitely be the short set. Perfect gift for the holidays or birthdays too!

6) Chamomile Tea

I drink chamomile tea almost every night. There is a calming effect from the leaves + it tastes SO good! Some of my favorite brands include: Tazo Tea, Traditional Medicinals, and Yogi Tea.

7) Read

Putting your phone in a separate room and reading a book for a bed is a game changer. Reading helps get my mind off of everything else going on in my life and takes me to another place to relax and wind down for the night. There are an endless amount of amazing books you can start with. A few of my favorites are: The Nightingale, Where the Crawdads Sing, The Defining Decade, Becoming, Atomic Habits, and SOOO many more! Be sure to check out my recap on some of my favorite books in my post: Top 5 Books to Binge over the Holidays.

8) Bedroom Sanctuary

Turn your room into a sleep sanctuary where that is its sole purpose. Avoid working on your bed or being on electronics. Your bed should be designated solely for sex & sleep. This will help train your brain to associate the bedroom with sleep to get stronger z’s. I keep my phone OUT of the bedroom in my bathroom to avoid the tempting late night grab that sucks you into an Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook black hole. Makes a HUGE difference.

9) Salt Rock Lamp

The warm, soothing light radiated from the lamp helps you relax in the evening. We are overexposed to positive ions and this lamp neutralizes this effect. There are a ton of other amazing benefits as well from salt rock lamps including stress relief, air purification, mood enhancement, enhance breathing etc. This is the salt rock lamp I ordered off of Amazon + so cheap and cute!

10) Lavender Essential Oils

I spray my room & pillow with this lavender room mist every night before bed. The lavender smells amaze + the aromatherapy from the oils have so many benefits including lowering anxiety, anti-inflammatory properties, treating insomnia, and reducing restlessness.


I hope you enjoyed this roundup of my 10 essential sleep tips! Let me know which was your favorite tip & leave your best sleep tips in the comments below. As always, be sure to tag @thefitdelish if you start to implement these into your daily sleep routine.



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  1. 9.17.23

    Hi there :
    Yes good sleep list thank you. I do want to say as a life coach and counsellor the books you recommend are just too thought-provoking and upsetting emotionally. I would really suggest some light easy, spiritual book, like Steering by starlight -Martha Beck, or a dream book to inspire dreams or a romance, by rosemary Pilcher.

    Heather Hill Gibson

    • 10.17.23
      katya said:

      Love the suggestions! Will try them out 😊