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Happy June! Already 6 months into 2020 and what a year it has been. With wildfires, the death of Kobe, Covid, and BLM movement, this has truly been a crazy year. With everything going on, gc and I have taken the time to slow down, find new hobbies (hint hint NEW PODCAST coming soon), and educate ourselves further with recent movements. I have also started leading IG live workouts which has been a blast.

The following are some of my May Roundup FAVES including all things food, wellness, clothes, and resources.

My May Roundup is listed in order of cheapest to most expensive, but swear by every single product listed below!

Healthier Together Podcast

One of my new favorite podcasts on repeat. Liz has brought on a variety of interesting guests on the show from @shutthekaleup, @bewellbykelly, @rachaelsgoodeats, @rachlmansfield, @iamsahararose, and soo many more.

Nightingale by Kristin Hannah ($11)

this book is by far one of the BEST BOOKS i have read in a very long time. it really brought a new perspective to world war 2 with the intertwining stories of two sisters each contributing in their own way to the struggles of war. such a powerful read and bring your tissues for the ending. in theaters christmas 2021!!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses ($18)

I wear these at night to block out blue light which disrupts your ability to fall asleep and have a higher quality of sleep at night. So cute and very cheap on Amazon.

Healthy Human Tumblr ($23)

I love the chic design of the marble tumblr. This keeps my tea nice and warm all day as I wfh during Covid. There are a ton of color and size options on Amazon!

Granola Butter ($33)

This is (I kid you not) liquid CRACK. Finally ordered the variety pack after seeing Avokween’s granola butter all over my feed. It tastes like liquid teddy bears & OBSESSED with how clean the ingredients are.

Tinted SPF ($36)

This tinted SPF has by far been one of my favorite purchases from Drunk Elephant. It has a very light feel with an amazing smell. I do not like to leave the house without some form of SPF on my face and this is an amazing base to my makeup that is light and gives me some color. 10/10 recommend.

Matcha Collagen ($49)

I have been having this on repeat every single morning. Matcha gives you all the energy of coffee without the jitters & I LOVE the combo with collagen for those skin, hair, and gut benefits. I just add a scoop to hot water and use a frother to mix with coconut water.

Free People Leggings ($78) & Free People Bra ($48)

Have been wearing this set on repeat and the material is so soft and perfect for yoga, HIIT, or sculpt. There are a billion color options that are all adorable – I bought the Vintage Blue set.

At-Home Microdermabrasion ($299)

With Covid shutdowns I haven’t been able to go in for Microderm facials. These were making a HUGE impact on my skin health, and was seeking ways to continue my skincare regimen at home. I came across this kit & was immediately obsessed after using for the first time. It sucks everything out and my skin feels SO smooth after use. Make sure to apply some moisturizer after use.

I hope you enjoyed my May Roundup & let me know if you try any of these out yourself! Make sure to tag @thefitdelish if so!



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