March Favorites

March is officially behind us and we are *hopefully* turning a corner into some warmer spring weather! March has been a crazy month for me putting together my NEW NYC apartment & stocking it with all of my favorite finds. It’s been a while since my last monthly roundup, but this March Favorites Roundup includes all of my top home & kitchen finds this month! 😊


  1. Hatch Alarm Clock – Use this daily! At night for winding down I put the red light setting with light rain. In the mornings I have the sunrise gradual light that comes up with a morning chime alarm clock. Obsessed!
  2. Samsung Projector – This was my absolute favorite purchase for my new apt!! I am in a studio and was really struggling to figure out the best spot for a TV. The projector was such a great decision to go with instead since I can move the projector around as needed, and I get a big screen image on whichever wall I desire. Note, the room does need to be pretty dark to see the screen WELL but it hasn’t bothered me at all. I love that it’s a Smart TV, so all the apps are automatically synced in and I was able to connect my phone as well for remote and option to mirror phone screen.
  3. Salt Rock Nightlight – Another fave purchase for winding down at night. I bought 2 of these, one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen! It is not good for your sleep to have bright lights when winding down, so these are PERFECT to get into a calm state when winding down for the night.
  4. Dining Table – Another great small space find. This is perfect for my studio as a little dining nook. I added in 2 chairs from Ikea that I am obsessed with as well!
  5. Faux Olive Tree – I love this tree to add a homier, green aesthetic. I bought a large planter from Target that I stuffed with packing material around the tree to make it taller. I then added in spanish moss on top to make it look more real!
  6. Barefoot Dreams Blanket – So soft & cozy!! Still waiting for my couch to deliver, but I can’t wait to curl up on it wrapped in this blanket.
  7. Standing Lamp – Obsessed with how much this lights up the room. My studio didn’t come with overhead lights in the main living area, and I forget that is the case with this lamp. It has different levels of brightness and it is seriously insane how well it lights up the entire room.
  8. Bar Cart – Obsessed with this cart and excited to continue decorating!
  9. Tineco Cordless Vacuum – The ultimate adulting moment when you’re excited about a vacuum 😆 But SO glad I bought this over the Dyson. It works like a charm and I love that it has a lock to keep vacuuming without having to continue holding down the button as you do with a Dyson. Plus it is way more cost effective and has worked amazing so far.
  10. Air Purifier – The best thing you can do for your health, especially living in big cities. I feel so at ease knowing my air is being filtered through this machine. I recommend AirDoctor as it removes particles 100x smaller than HEPA standard (can remove as small as .003 microns in size).
  1. Champagne Glasses – These are amazing quality, especially for the price! They look adorable on the bar cart. I loved so much, I even ended up gifting a set to my sister for her housewarming. Note they aren’t the largest glasses, but they are so adorable 💖
  2. Electric Pour over Tea Kettle – As an avid tea drinker, I’m completely obsessed with how fast this kettle heats up my water. When visiting my apt, my mom was even sold (and she has been a die hard over the stove kettle girlie for as long as I can remember)! Plus the design is chic & minimalist.
  3. Pink Silicone Ice Tray – I LOVE this tray, especially since my fridge doesn’t make ice. And it pops out insanely easy. Can’t wait to also use this for other baking goods such as preserving pancake mix!
  4. Drinking Glasses w/ Bamboo Lids – Initially found these via all the TikTok hype! I’ve been really happy with these so far. I love drinking out of straws, and they’re a great size for lemon water, green juices, or smoothies.
  5. Spice Drawer Organizer – The organization obsession is real, and these upgrade your home immediately. There is truly nothing better than a cohesive, organized look when opening your drawer to see all your spices.
  6. Square Wine Glasses – Love the square look on these for wine nights! They can also be used for breakfast parfaits if you want to up-level your breakfast game!
  7. Over the Sink Strainer – This was such a great find, as it adjusts to fit your sink perfectly. I love using to wash fruit & veggies over the sink with an easy air dry after.
  8. Utensils Holder – This was a tough one to get my hands on, but love how it turned out to hold all of my kitchen utensils. I could only find one in stock in store by my parents house in Dallas, SO I shipped it to their home and had my mom bring it with her when visiting me in NYC. Worth all the effort!
  9. Bamboo Silverware Organizer – Love the bamboo look and keeps my silverware nice & tidy!
  10. Dash Egg Cooker – This is my favorite kitchen hack as it gets your eggs to the perfect desired level of boiled without having to keep your eyes on it. This is great for busy mornings when trying to get everything ready for your day.
  11. Mixing Bowls – Didn’t make the photo, but these mixing bowls have been incredible. I swapped out the plastic bowls as these are hormone disruptors and opted for stainless steel bowls instead. I love the interchangeable lids on this with different functions such as grating into the bowl.

I would love to know your March favorites in the comments below!

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