Food Blog Income Report – January 2020

My third Food Blog/Instagram Income Report on The Fit Delish! This talks through how I made money this month and plans to continue to grow my income going into the new year. It is definitely pretty intimidating putting this information out there for the world to see, but I want to share every part of the journey and NO blogger ever started their page with immediate traffic and monetization.

Blogging and generating content on Instagram is a freaking grind and you have to be committed and passionate with the process and content you are creating. I have been growing my Instagram Account @thefitdelish for the past couple of years WHILE working the craziest and most intensive jobs possible full-time between working at a Big 4 Accounting firm (PwC) and somehow still finding ways to grow my account to my first big milestone of 10k followers and continuing to grow on to an intensive marketing startup that continues to be a grind.

I have been beyond inspired by other food blogger income reports such as @PinchofYum and @40Aprons to name a few. These reports make my income feel incredibly insignificant and pale in comparison to the revenue they are generating month over month. However, I appreciate the fact that Pinch of Yum shared every income report from the beginning and you can see the steady growth month over month. NOBODY starts a blog generating thousands a month and many food blogs may not even share income reports until further established.

Income is a highly personal & touchy subject and I definitely debated sharing this information with all of you. BUT had it not been for other bloggers being so transparent and open about their journeys, I never would have embarked on my own. I hope that my blog can continue to progress and grow the same way other food blogger’s pages have and to pass on inspiration to any of you reading this now.

I absolutely love the health & wellness space and could talk about food, fitness, workouts, travel, etc. It does take a lot of time to create content, but my goal is that I could do this full-time one day to continue to share my passion within this space and inspire a greater reach of people to embrace a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

And with that, my third ever Income Report (which is fairly simple this month and not a great amount of income – aka no where close to a sustainable full-time income):

Revenue ($570):

  • Sponsored Posts:
    • $570 – All through my Instagram account. I had three sponsored posts this month which involved static posts and stories for each brand.
    • There are a few websites that you can connect with brands for sponsored posts including, and which are my top three choices as they offer the best rates for collaborations.
  • Amazon Affiliate:
    • $0 – No success through affiliate links last month, but continuing to look for ways to drive more revenue through Amazon Affiliate Links on my website and Instagram stories.
    • For those not familiar with this, Amazon has an affiliate program you can join that gives you a commission percent based off of purchases you refer using affiliate links. I have sprinkled these links into Instagram stories and this website. This is something I am pushing to continue to grow income on.

Expenses ($213):

  • BlueHost Fees:
    • $212.63 – Annual Expense for hosting my url domain in addition to any other maintenance fees.

Net Income: $357

There is something interesting about putting this number out there for the world to see as it really is a harsh reality of acknowledging my stage of income and how far I still have to go to get to where I want to be. Looking forward to hopefully locking down further brand partnerships and continue to grow revenue through my website.

Regardless of the number, I am proud of what I have grown my account to while working two crazy intensive full time jobs while trying to grow this blog. It has been a slow and natural progression from first receiving just gifting from brands up to slowly charging money for sponsored posts up to slowly increasing rates for each sponsored posts.

My goal for January was to hit $1k in Revenue which I fell short in, but I have additional February campaigns in the pipeline to hopefully exceed January revenue. I am working on creating SMART goals to continue to improve every month and keep growing.

January Stats:

  • Blog: 10 Posts Published
  • Instagram: 16 Posts

February Goals:

  • Blog: 15 Posts with 8 New Recipes
  • Instagram 25 Posts

To conclude, hopefully these income reports will inspire some of you to start your own blogging journey and I know these will continue to motivate me to work even harder to grow my brand and business.


hi, I'm Katya -- former D1 tennis player, certified CorePower Yoga Sculpt teacher, & soon to be IIN Certified Health Coach. Welcome to my page where I share all things wellness, real food recipes, and fitness. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to explore all things recipes, travel, yoga sculpt, wellness hacks, & shop all of my faves!


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  1. 2.7.20
    SideGains said:

    Hi Katya.

    Thanks for being so open about your income from The Fit Delish. I totally understand why the blogs you’ve mentiond make your income feel insignificant… but it’s not! $570 is nothing to sniff at, especially when you remember you’ve done that yourself through a lot of hard work and commitment over a sustained period. That commitment is what most bloggers struggle with: let’s be honest many people quit within a few months because it’s tougher than it looks.

    So give yourself a pat on the back!

    Reports like yours do inspire other bloggers. The big-hitters are inspiring too, but they’re also demotivating in equal parts. Like you say, it’s impossible to start earning mega-bucks right out of the gate.

    A much better inspiration for new bloggers is to see the reality from day one. To understand the hard work and commitment it takes before they begin has to be better preparation for starting a blog rather than imagining they’ll start earning a living wage within a couple of months.

    If it’s okay with you, I’m going to reference this post in an article I’m preparing to show new bloggers what’s realistic and achievable with a bit of dedication.

    Many thanks again for your transparency and good luck going forward!

    • 2.7.20
      katya said:

      Thank you so much for the support! Income is always a touchy subject so it’s nice to get positive feedback for sharing. Feel free to reference this in your article!

  2. 8.1.20

    Awesome 🙂