Fierce Grace Review (NYC) – What to expect for your First Class

This Fierce Grace Review walks you through what to expect for your first class in addition to the class format, cost, intensity level, what to bring, and FAQ!

About: The Fierce Grace founder, Michele Pernetta, opened the first studio in the UK in 2000 after a journey to healing a serious knee injury. From there the studio continued to grow and expand into new regions. They are now a global brand with studios located in the UK, Rome, New York, Hamptons, and Australia. You can read more about the studio’s amazing journey and backstory here.

You can definitely feel the UK influence on the studio as both the woman who welcomed me and checked me in along with our instructor were British! Was a fun surprise as I hadn’t realized that when booking.

First Class:

Show up 5-10 minutes early to check in, get your belongings in a locker, and get set up with your mat in the room. If you prefer a certain spot in the studio, ie, closer to the mirror, definitely try to get in earlier so you can secure your ideal spot.

Class Format:

Fierce Grace offers 12 different class formats ranging from 60 minutes to 105 minutes:

  • Fierce Grace – 60, 75, or 90 minutes. Multi-level/style yoga class
  • Deep Core – 75 minutes. Focus on pelvis, hips, and lower back stretching.
  • Primal – 60 or 75 minutes. Full body Warrior yoga sequence.
  • Classic – 75 or 90 minutes. Foundational Class. Good if new to yoga!
  • IN – 75 minutes. Slow, joint focused yoga-physiotherapy completely on the floor.
  • WILD – 60 minutes. Cardio-kundalini, muscle-sculpting class
  • S.O.B. – 75 minutes. Rehab yoga class so good if dealing with an injury.
  • The Fix – 50 minutes. A mix of Classic, Primal and Fierce Grace (w/ focus on arms, abs, breath and stamina)
  • FG2 – 75 or 90 minutes. Intermediate version of Fierce Grace class.
  • Fly – 60 minutes. Arm balancing focus.
  • Fierce aka The Beast – 90 or 105 minutes. Advanced version of Fierce Grace class.
  • FIIT (Fierce Intensity Interval Training) – 30 or 60 minutes. Yoga warm up/down with HIIT in between.

You can see a more in depth overview of their class offerings here.

I tried the 60 minute Primal class and LOVED it. The flow was great and incorporated a ton of postures including standing series, cobra, core plank work, back bends, etc. At the halfway point I thought we were done since we flowed into a mini savasana, but was happy that was not the case and we kept going. I was absolutely DRIPPING after and honestly struggled my first class since haven’t done a hot studio class in a long time and wasn’t used to the heat anymore.

Coming from Texas, I grew up in the heat and promise you WILL get used to it if you stick it out and keep going. Make sure to chug a lot of water the night before and after class as well!

What to Bring:

  • Water Bottle
  • Fitness Watch (i.e. Apple, Fitbit, etc)
  • Yoga Mat (optional)
  • Yoga Towel (optional)
  • Makeup Remover – including this as you are going to be SWEATING in there, so could be nice to have if you’re worried about it starting to streak down face!

What to Wear:

It is HOT in there, so you definitely want to be in sweat wicking material. Most girls were in sports bras and leggings with an occasional bodysuit, or tank. Men were in shorts and a T or shirtless. Linking some fave yoga sets below! These leggings are an all time favorite of mine.

Intensity Level:

The Primal flow definitely challenged me and I burned around 300 calories from class. I was so not used to the heat, so I was really struggling by the end! There are so many class variations to still try with varying levels of intensity.


*Note these prices will vary by region. The following reflects NYC rates.

  • First Class: $25
  • Drop in Rate: $40 per Class
  • 5 classes: $175
  • 10 classes: $300
  • 6 Month Membership: $1,250 (includes unlimited classes, free towels & mat rental, 2 guest passes, 20% off retail, workshops, & events, advance booking, and 50% of FGTV membership)
  • Annual Membership: $2,250 (includes unlimited classes, free towels & mat rental, 2 guest passes, 20% off retail, workshops, & events, & advance booking)
  • Classpass: Classes range from 8-10 credits (~$17-$21 per class)

How to Get Inside the Fierce Grace Studio

Upon arrival (NOMAD location), it may not look like a fitness studio, and rather an apt building. However, you’ll see the Fierce Grace sign and call pad to have them buzz you up. There is also a sticker on the top that has instructions on how to call in (bottom right photo). It was quick to get buzzed in, and then you just go up the stairs to the studio. When in doubt, the class was so packed, so you may see another yogi also attending class who can help out if unsure.

Fierce Grace Lockers

When you walk in, they ask you to leave shoes at entrance. There are small lockers available to use but you have to have your own lock if you need to lock up (no easy use codes like other studios). There is also a rack hanger for your coats. The vibe definitely felt very trusting and safe, and there’s ofc always a risk leaving your items not locked, but I left my workbag with laptops inside the locker and had no issues.

Fierce Grace Locker Room Review

There are a few showers for use and a small bench along with mirror pictured above where you can blow dry your hair if needed. Definitely will be leveraging the locker room for post yoga showers before heading over to my office!

Fierce Grace Meditation Corner

I also LOVED that they have a cute meditation corner to take advantage of before or after class.

My Fierce Grace Review

So my overall Fierce Grace Review is that I absolutely LOVED the Primal flow. I will absolutely be leveraging my ClassPass membership to go to more classes. I have a gym membership to Lifetime in my apartment building, but what I love about Fierce Grace that I can’t get at home or in my gym is the heated aspect. Sweating is SO good for you, and especially now living in NYC, feel like I am not sweating enough, nor do I have access to a sauna. I felt so incredible after, and loved that I can get yoga and a serious sweat in at the same time. The vibes were also incredible. The studio was packed, and you could really feel a sense of community and belonging inside.

What I also really love about this studio is the diversity of classes offered. I feel like in other studios, after you go for awhile you start to get bored of doing the same routines over and over again. The fact that they have so many different types of classes is so fun, and it feels like you’re really getting your money’s worth from a membership.

I hope you enjoyed this Fierce Grace Review, be sure to check out additional studio reviews:

Drop a comment below if you have any other questions!


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