Natural Products Expo East Baltimore – 2019 Recap

After three years since creating my account and watching other bloggers explore the Expo’s I FINALLY made it to my first Expo! I had such a blast getting to connect with brands and try the new product releases.

A few trends this year:

  • CBD infused EVERYTHING – here was an entire exhibition just for CBD products. This is definitely trending currently and is said to provide a variety of benefits for pain, inflammation, anxiety, etc.
  • Cauliflower – So many cauliflower spinoffs like pizza, pasta, tater tots, rice, etc. I am all about this as its is a alternative to your savory favorites with a healthy twist & they taste delicious.
  • Protein Bars – A LOT of brands are releasing new bars including Purely Elizabeth, Vital Proteins, NuttZo, Navita’s Organics, Simple Mills, Manitoba Harvest, Perfect Bar, etc.

One thing I want to note though before getting into my list of highlights is that as much as I ENJOY these brands & products, you do NOT NEED these to live a healthy lifestyle. The natural product industry was a whopping $219 BILLION INDUSTRY ALONE in 2018. This is only continuing to grow. Just remember that behind all of these amazing products is a generous amount of marketing $$$ to promote and market these to the consumers.

Again, I don’t want to say that I do not love & support so many of these products, but they can be expensive and inaccessible to many people. Just remember that one ingredient, real, natural foods can never fail you. However, if you do choose to purchase products, just remember to alway READ your ingredient lists. There were many brands at Expo that had really clean ingredient lists which I appreciated so much.

The following list is a summary of my favorite finds and new launches. (Stay tuned for releases – some are available to the public now and others many not be released until mid 2020)!

✨wholley rollie’s from @crazyrichardspb – only SIX ingredient freezer snack balls. loved the integrity behind this release of product since sadly releasing products with such minimal ingredients is actually quite a challenge in the food industry.

✨ chocolate mint bars from @perfectbar (launching November ‘19) ?

✨NEW yogurt snack packs with almond butter from @siggisdairy

almond flour snack bars from @simplemills (available NOW)!

✨NEW @wedderspoonofficial Apple cider vinegar drinks with manuka honey (Expo Nexty Finalist) ?

✨snack bars from @kizeconcepts – this was a new find for me & LOVED their products, missions, & simple ingredient list

✨pepperjack & cheddar plant-based cheese from @miyokoscreamery (launching March 2020)

✨new COLLAGEN bars from @vitalproteins

✨chocolate coated bites launch from @emmysorganics (seriously bomb)?They also redesigned their branding logo which I LOVE the new look!

✨CAULIFLOWER pasta from @veggiecraftfarms (new brand find)!

And that’s a wrap on my top ten new product releases/brand finds. Beyond grateful for such an amazing opportunity to sample so many amazing products. Will keep you posted if I decide to travel to Expo West in 2020!

Stay tuned for product launches and let me know which product you’re most excited to try out!!


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