HEALTHY NUTELLA SPREAD (Vegan, paleo, & refined sugar FREE)

stop what you’re doing && go whip up some of this vegan, refined sugar-free, easy, HEALTHY NUTELLA.

i seriously cannot rave enough about how amazing this is and 1,000 times healthier than your favorite store-bought nutella that you all know. if you’re anything like me, than you’ve tried some nutella at some point in your life && could NOT resist that chocolate spread because it’s so, so delicious. BUT what you may not have realized is that chocolate ‘hazelnut’ spread is actually composed of primarily SUGAR && palm oil – not really that healthy spread you may have thought it was.

i’ll let this pic below do the rest of the talking:

Image result for nutella break down.

so i took it upon myself to make a healthier copycat version that is vegan, dairy free, refined sugar free, and SO GOOD. trust me when i say that it took a LOT of willpower not to lick that entire jar clean..

What you need:

All you need to do is blend hazelnuts first until fully blended to powdery consistency. Then mix in melted coconut oil followed by the remaining ingredients.

Serve this healthy nutella over some whole-grain toast + fresh fruit & you’ve won at breakfast.




if you’re looking for a quick & healthy copycat Nutella spread next time your sweet tooth kicks in, then this is the perfect recipe for you. takes about 5 minutes to make, and perfect to smear on your toast & top with your favorite fresh fruit. Enjoy!

  1. In Vitamix or food processor, blend hazelnuts until fully ground. (Note: you do not need to get it to a nut butter consistency). 

  2. Blend in coconut oil until the consistency becomes more smooth and liquidy. 

  3. Mix in remaining ingredients and blend until fully mixed, and the desired consistency is reached. 

My favorite way to enjoy this is on some whole-grain toast topped with sliced nanners or fresh strawberries. Such a perfect way to start the day!! If you tried this please review & leave a comment if you enjoyed it! 

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