Bachelorette Weekend in Charlottesville, VA (Full Itinerary)

This Bachelorette Weekend in Charlottesville recap includes our FULL 3 day itinerary itinerary along with where to stay, decorations, goodie bags, what to wear, and pictures.

We had the most amazing weekend celebrating our best friend Lauren‘s bachelorette in Charlottesville, VA leading up to her big day in Richmond, VA! Lauren also has runs her blog Lifestyles by Lauren and did a full bachelorette weekend recap here! Charlottesville is such a great town to have a bachelorette in, it’s such a beautiful city with so many vineyards and breweries nearby to explore!

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Bachelorette Weekend Guide to Charlottesville, VA

How to Get to Charlottesville

Note that Charlottesville can be a bit tricky to get to if you are not nearby but you have 3 options to get there: drive, train, or plane. Our group did a variety of those 3 options, but driving or train probably easiest if able since Charlottesville doesn’t have a large airport. Coming in from Texas (no direct flights), I opted to fly into DC and then drive in with my friend (our Airbnb was great as it had plenty of parking for the girls).

Bachelorette Weekend in Charlottesville, VA Itinerary (at a Glance)

Lauren (the bride) did an incredible job putting together this itinerary for the bachelorette weekend in Charlottesville. It was super helpful to know ahead of time what to expect! She also worked with a designer to make custom GIF’s for posting on Instagram for the weekend which was such a great idea (pictured below)!

Custom GIFs!

Where to Stay in Charlottesville

AirBnb: We stayed at The Pop Inn home which had 5 bedrooms, 9 beds, and 2.5 baths. This was the cutest, girliest, Victorian home in the perfect location with even its own bar cart! There is plenty of parking for up to 4 cars. Location is perfect, walking distance to downtown and an easy Uber to vineyard hop. The only downside was the number of bathrooms for a large group, but we had no issues with such a quick weekend trip!

Hotel Options:

If unable to find an Airbnb that works for you, or if have a larger group, getting hotel rooms may be easier to coordinate. The following are some hotels worth checking out:

  • The Quirk Hotel – Such a cute hotel in a perfect location. This would be my top pick if going down the hotel route!
  • Omni Charlottesville Hotel – A classic hotel to stay at in Charlottesville. I have stayed here in the past, and it is in a perfect spot downtown, easily accessible to walk around the city.

Search Additional Hotels on the Map:

Bachelorette Decor

Lauren and her sister and mom came in early to set up the place, and they did such an incredible job!! They used this balloon arch from Etsy to set up the main area for photos by the stairs. They also set up a few other walls for disco night and custom balloons saying ‘Bachlaurette’.

Goodie Bags

All of the girls received a goodie bag with all the goods below upon arrival + the cutest gold bracelets from Etsy. Lauren’s friend’s sis made custom bags Jute bags with our names on them. We also received the coziest matching pajamas from Target which was so much fun for our PJ party + have become a bedtime staple for me!

*I couldn’t find the exact coozies gifted, but those linked are similar <3

**Note Lauren partnered with Patchology for the gifting, so we were super grateful for all the goodies! My favorites were the lip gloss and the eye gels!

Detailed Bachelorette Weekend in Charlottesville, VA Itinerary


Staggered arrivals to AirBnb. We were greeted with welcome bags and freshened up for dinner in downtown Charlottesville!

Dinner at Passiflora

All the girls wore black night outfits except for the bride in white for dinner at Passiflora in downtown Charlottesville. I wore this black top with black bottoms (don’t have link to ones pictured, but these black trousers are a fun option on Amazon). The food & drinks were so good!

Dinner at Pasiflora

Disco Party

Afterwards, we headed back to the Airbnb to outfit change for a disco party with the girls. We all dressed up in sequins/party dresses (any color except white for the bride), fun glasses, and glow sticks. I wore this silver sequin skirt with a metallic silver top. We played games, had a dance party, and made TikToks. The bride even had disco balls for everyone to drink out of which were so fun!



The girls all had breakfast in the morning at the house before a full day of vineyard hopping. I loved the bagel & donut boards Lauren put together for the girls (pictured below).

Lauren also coordinated a full day tour with Cvill Hop on Tours to vineyard hop. Our driver was amazing and let us custom DJ all the songs during the ride!

Stop 1: Keswick Vineyards

First stop of the day where we did our first wine tasting. They had a variety to choose from including all white, red, or mixed tastings!

Stop 2: Merrie Mill Farm & Vineyard

The second & last vineyard of the day which was absolutely adorable, and probably our favorite stop. The interior was so cute, and they had a top deck with the most incredible view of the vineyard. We had the next tasting here with mixed wines, along with lunch which included a variety of plates to share. Everything was delicious!

You can check out Lauren’s video recap of Merrie Mill Farm & Vineyard below!

Stop 3: Castle Hill Cider

Third stop of the day was a pivot to ciders & apps at the most beautiful cider. They have a ton of outdoor to sit and enjoy the views or play corn hole.

Stop 4: Patch Brewery

Our tour ended with the final stop of the day: Patch Brewery. This was a great spot to end since they had large picnic tables and boardgames to play with the girls. The beer tastings were great & such a fun way to end the day!

Pajama Party

After a long day of vineyard hopping, we were ready to get the matching pj’s on and have a girls night at the Airbnb.

We played a bunch of bridal games as follows:

  • Lingerie Surprise: All of the girls bought the bride a funny underwear or fun lingerie piece and the bride had to then guess who bought her which!
  • Bucket of Secrets: We got a bit creative with this one but turned out to be such a blast & just nonstop laughs. Every round, we would all write an embarrassing or funny secret and drop it into the bucket. We would then go around trying to guess who’s secret it was! I will never forget some of the stories from that night 😂
  • Drink If: We used these ‘drink if’ cards to go around the room sharing the card and drinking if it applied to you!

Explore Additional Tour Options in Charlottesville, VA


Mixed departures in the group, some girls had to leave early in the morning, others stayed back for brunch in downtown Charlottesville.

Additional Tips

  • We used the Splitwise app which made expenses SO much easier to tally up who owes what after the weekend. You can make a group and each person adds in any expenses they paid, and who was a part of that expense. Splitwise automatically connects to Venmo and tells you at the end how much you owe each person.
  • We printed venmo cards to take around with us & shared the QR code on social media to buy the bride some drinks!

Hope you enjoyed this Bachelorette Weekend in Charlottesville, VA recap and let me or Lauren know if you have any questions!

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Bachelorette Weekend Guide to Charlottesville, VA

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