Daily Harvest Review + My Favorite Meals!

Sharing my Daily Harvest Review after trying out their healthy, plant-based meal delivery subscription. I will answer any questions you may have about Daily Harvest’s service, cost, ingredients, in addition to product reviews and which meals were my favorite!

What Is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest is a chef crafted meal delivery service offering smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, soups, oat bowls, chia bowls, scoops, bites, and lattes. I mean how can you not love them with so many amazing options?! Their ingredients are farm fresh, organic, clean, and locally sourced. I was beyond impressed with the quality, taste, and commitment to clean ingredients after trying out a variety of their meals. The meals are delivered straight to your doorstep weekly & ready to pop in the freezer.

Is Daily Harvest Worth It?

A question I was asking and you may be as well is if Daily Harvest is actually worth it? I 100% recommend trying Daily Harvest out for yourself to see how amazing their products are and just how easy it is to have affordable & healthy meals within minutes. Working a corporate job and running this blog while still balancing my social life can get hectic so I loved having these meals on hand to throw a quick smoothie in the blender or snack on a bite to go!

Daily Harvest Discount Code

Excited to have this DISCOUNT CODE to share with all of you so that you can save $25 off your order! You can head over to Daily Harvest and use my code “FITDELISH“.

Is Daily Harvest Actually Healthy?

The short answer is YES! Their ingredients are all real food without any additives or processed foods. The ingredients are 98% organic, locally sourced, and even better the food tastes DELICIOUS. There are a variety of options you can order and they are all veggie or fruit packed.

How Much Does Daily Harvest Cost?

There are 4 plans you can choose from with the following costs:

  • 9 weekly items: ~$67 total
  • 14 weekly items: ~$102 total
  • 24 weekly items: ~$172 total
  • 24 monthly items: ~$172 total

*NOTE: All costs rounded and costs will slightly vary depending on which items you order. I used the smoothie cost as a baseline.

USING MY CODE “FITDELISHyou can save $25 on your order which will bring down your costs on your first box to as follows:

  • 9 weekly items: ~$42 total
  • 14 weekly items: ~$77 total
  • 24 weekly items: ~$147 total
  • 24 monthly items: ~$147 total
Daily Harvest Review

Is Daily Harvest a Meal Replacement?

Most of the items on the Daily Harvest menu are meal replacements including Smoothies, Flatbreads, Oat Bowls, Chia Bowls, and Harvest Bowls. They also have bomb snacks including their scoops & bites.

Is it Easy to Cancel Daily Harvest?

YES! You can your cancel your subscription at any time. However, note that if you cancel after the weekly cutoff (Sunday 6pm ET) then you will receive one final shipment before stopping deliveries.

Daily Harvest Smoothies:

Daily Harvest is most known for their pre-packaged smoothies with now 25 options to choose from! I tried the mint + cacao, carrot + cinnamon, and the cacao + avocado smoothies.

I loved how easy these are to pop in the blender, add your liquid of choice, and blend for busy mornings! Some other flavors I would love to try are the Chocolate + Hazelnut, Blueberry + Hemp, and Acai + Cherry.

The carrot + cinnamon was my favorite one I’ve tried so far! I was amazed at how delicious it was, it tasted like fall in a cup 🙂 I added a scoop of vanilla protein powder as well for some extra protein!

Daily Harvest Review

Daily Harvest Flatbreads:

There are 7 different Daily Harvest flatbreads you can try out. The ones I have tried so far are the Broccoli Artichoke + Spinach & Kale + Sweet Potato Flatbreads which were both beyond savory & delicious! These are so easy to whip up, just pop in the oven at 450 and bake for 20-25 minutes.

If I had to choose between the two, I would recommend the Artichoke + Spinach flatbread over the Sweet Potato flatbread as I enjoyed the flavors more. However you really can’t go wrong with either as they were both yummy & even better that the ingredients are so freaking clean!

Daily Harvest Review
Daily Harvest Review

Daily Harvest Bites:

I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed with these hazelnut + chocolate bites. Perfectly fudgy and you feel like you are biting into a Nutella ball but ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU. These are perfect for on-the-go snacking or to pop a bite in to fix your sweet tooth! 10/10 recommend.

Daily Harvest Scoops:

Ok this ice cream highlyyy exceeded my expectations. The ingredients are SO freaking clean – I wish you could find quality like this at the grocery stores! I had the Chocolate + Ooey Gooey Midnight flavor which is perfect for that late night sweet tooth fix. The ingredients include: organic coconut cream, water, maple syrup, organic cacao powder, avocado, citrus pulp, Himalayan sea salt, pine pollen, and vanilla bean powder. The texture is not as creamy as your typical ice cream, but once you get past that, the flavor is amazing!

Daily Harvest Bowls/Soups:

These veggie packed Harvest Bowls are ready in just 5 minutes! You can serve with chicken or fish as well for some extra protein. I loved the sweet potato + wild rice hash bowl. You can even add some fresh avocado or a fried egg on top to add some extra protein & healthy fats! You can either sautée the veggies on a medium heat skillet with oil of choice or pop them in the microwave. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Daily Harvest Oat/Chia Bowls:

There are 6 oat bowl options and 3 chia bowls you can try out. So far I’ve only tried the Cherry + Dark Chocolate Oat Bowl and the Chocolate + Almond Chia Bowl. I preferred the oat bowl over the chia as I found the chia pudding a bit too much of chia for my liking. However, this could be a personal preference and if you are a big fan of chia pudding then you will likely enjoy the bowl! These are so easy to whip together and for the the chia bowl I added some freshly sliced banana and cashew butter on top for some extra flavor!

Some additional flavors I have tried and LOVED are the Apple + Cinnamon Oat Bowl (which has similar fall flavors to my Apple Pie Overnight Oats) and the Pumpkin + Chai Oat Bowl. BEYOND gooood.


To wrap up this Daily Harvest Review, I must say that you truly cannot go wrong with them. I loved every single item I tried and was impressed with the commitment to high quality, real food ingredients. If you decide to try them out remember to use my DISCOUNT CODE ‘FITDELISH‘ for $25 off your order! I hope you love them as much as I do!

If there is anything else you would like me to cover in this Daily Harvest Review let me know in the comments below! Let me know as well which meals were your favorite – I would love to hear it!



An Honest Daily Harvest Review

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