A Perfect 3 Days in Copenhagen (Winter Itinerary)

This 3 Days in Copenhagen recap includes an itinerary at a glance plus a detailed day by day recap, along with additional recommendations of where to eat, drink, stay, for your perfect winter weekend away!

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Where to Stay in Copenhagen:

I personally am team hotel over Airbnb now unless you are with a large group. I tend to find hotels more accommodating with baggage if you have an early/late checkout time, feel safer with the desk, and they get cleaned daily with fresh towels. There are so many hotels to choose from so rounding up a few favorites below. I would recommend staying closer to Nyhavn as it is walking distance to many attractions and restaurants.

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

This is where we chose to stay during our 3 days in Copenhagen (8.7 rating on Booking). We had a great experience staying here and had a waterfront view in our room. The location could not have been more perfect and the hotel held our bags for us at checkout until our later afternoon departure. The bathroom even had a bluetooth surround sound speaker you can connect to.

My one and only complaint was the Danish bed style of two twin sized beds merged together so there is a line in the middle and separate covers. With a friend this would be perfect, however with a significant other it could be annoying if you don’t typically sleep on separate sides! However, note that I had a hard time finding any hotel without this style of bed!

Additional Hotel Recommendations for 3 Days in Copenhagen

I really loved the area we stayed in as it was walking distance to many main attractions including Nyhavn, restaurants, cafes, etc and you could also then walk your way west throughout the day and then taxi home. The follow hotels are my recommendations depending on budget that would also be great options.

Luxury: Hotel Sanders

A local could not recommend this hotel enough (8.7 rating on Booking). The stay was out of budget for us, but the hotel is gorgeous and we swung by for a cocktail after dinner! If you are a matchbox collector they also have if you ask 🙂

Mid Range: Phoenix Hotel

This was the other hotel we were highly considering (8.4 rating on Booking). Also a great location and the rooms look super chic and comfy.

Budget: Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade

If looking for a budget stay this could be a great option (8.0 Rating on Booking). The location is perfect and has pretty strong reviews for the price range.

Additional Copenhagen Hotel Options on the Map:


What to Expect in Copenhagen, Denmark

Local Language: Danish. Note we had zero issues getting by in Copenhagen as almost everyone had perfect English, even the taxi drivers which hasn’t always been in other countries. Made it so easy to get around and connect with locals!

Currency: The currency in Denmark is Danish Kroner (DKK). As of date written $1 USD = 10.28 DKK. Note prices in Copenhagen are very comparable to USA/Europe.

Credit Cards & Cash Withdrawals: We never withdrew cash and had zero issues. Everywhere we went had tap to pay which made payment very seamless.

Climate: We visited in early December and it was freezing with early sunsets (~3:30p). I would definitely pack warm under layers, a puffer/wool coat, and winter accessories (ie beanies/gloves).

How to Get Around Copenhagen:

Taxis: Upon arrival at airport there is a taxi line with plenty cars waiting for you to hop in. I would also recommend downloading the apps Dantaxi and Viggo to get around as needed as (since written), Uber/Lyft do NOT operate in Denmark.

Walk: Copenhagen is incredibly walkable and that was our main way of getting around. This itinerary also flows where you can walk from destination to destination seamlessly to maximize your 3 days in Copenhagen.

Bike: This would be another fun way to explore Copenhagen. You can download the Donkey Republic app to grab and go. This site has additional information on renting bikes if you go this route. We opted out of biking since our route was so walkable and it was a very chilly/snowy weekend.

3 Days in Copenhagen Itinerary At A Glance:


  • Land Copenhagen Airport/Customs
  • Check into Copenhagen Admiral Hotel
  • Brunch Apollo Bar (Brunch ends 11:30am)
  • Copenhagen contemporary (art gallery) if time
  • La Banchina Sauna (MUST DO (for my sauna lovers)- reserve far in advance)
  • Taxi back to hotel to shower/freshen up for evening
  • Nyhavn/Christmas market
  • Ice skate Broens Skøtjebane
  • Dinner at Restaurant Barr
  • Drinks Hotel Sanders/Brønnum


  • Apotek Pastries
  • Copenhagen Design Museum (with jet lag we didn’t make it up early enough, but definitely a great option in the area if you have time)!
  • 12p Amalienborg Palace (Royal changing of guards march from Rosenborg)
  • Ø12 Breakfast
  • Rosenborg Castle/Kings Garden
  • Lunch Torvehallerne
  • Round Tower Sunset View 
  • Shopping (Studio Arhoj, Sostrene, Hairclips)
  • Tivoli Amusement Park
  • 9p Dinner at Delphine 
  • Cocktails at Duck & Cover


  • Breakfast @Grod (oatmeal bowls)
  • Church of savior climb (city views)
  • Explore Christiana 
  • Shop at Ganni
  • Nyhavn daytime walk
  • Broens Outdoor Food Market (hot chocolate)
  • Sunset Boat tour (we opted out bc so cold but a fun summer option) 
  • Pastry from Buka Bakery
  • Julemarked Christmas Market 
  • Cocktails at Ruby
  • Dinner at Vaekst
  • Cocktails at Gaia (can reserve table in advance)


  • Breakfast & departure

What To Pack for 3 Days in Copenhagen

Note we did a LOT of walking (~14K-20K steps a day)!! So make sure you have comfy shoes on.

Packing Inspo

Travel Essentials

Additional Tours to Explore in Copenhagen

Day 1 in Copenhagen

Note we landed a bit later in the afternoon, so the first two stops (Apollo Bar/Copenhagen Contemporary) would be my recommendation if you have the full morning in Copenhagen. If you land later like us, Union Kitchen, a cafe nearby, or even La Banchina cafe before your time slot are great options for a bite before heading to the sauna at La Banchina.

Apollo Bar

10:30-11:30am: If you have the full morning for your first day in Copenhagen, I cannot recommend this spot enough! The Danish breakfast (pictured below) is a must try served with bread, jam, soft boiled egg, butter, and cheese. From there you can call a taxi to head north towards Copenhagen Contemporary/La Banchina.

Copenhagen Contemporary

11:30-1p: We did not have time to visit, but you could visit this art gallery an 8 min walk to La Banchina. Make sure to check the site beforehand as they have rotating exhibits. From reviews looks like can be hit or miss depending on the dates you visit!

La Banchina – Sauna & Cold Plunge

1:30-4p: I can’t recommend La Banchina enough during your 3 days in Copenhagen! I was on the fence when booking but this was a highlight of the weekend. For ~$117 can reserve the sauna up to 2 weeks in advance (book ASAP as it sells out FAST – only one sauna). The owner was super friendly and you get the sauna for an hour and 45 minutes once booked. We had the 2p slot which was the perfect booking time to watch the sun set (you may read this and go 2p sunset?!?! yes I know – it is crazy how early the sun sets in the winter at ~3:30p)!

The alternating sauna and cold plunging brought us back to life after the long journey to Copenhagen. With the freezing, snowy day I wasn’t sure if we would even get the courage to hop in once, but after heating up for so long in the sauna, we were able to get the courage to jump in the water not one but THREE times! Can’t even begin to explain how incredible we felt afterwards.

There is also a cafe inside if you want to have a drink/snack before or afterwards. Note that La Banchina is also a hotspot in the summer for locals to hang out and swim at. We took a taxi back to the hotel to shower and freshen up for the rest of the night.

Nyhavn/Christmas market

6-7:30p: After freshening up at the hotel, continue on exploring Nyhavn and the Christmas markets set up along the water. The whole street was lit up with lights and we loved exploring all of the markets. A must drink is the famous gløgg (mulled wine) which you can find in various stations. It warmed us right up and tasted amazing!

Broens Skøtjebane (Silent Disco Ice skate)

7:30-8:10: Continue walking across the bridge to Broens Skøtjebane for silent disco ice skating. Note their page says only Fri/Sat are disco night, but we were there Thursday night and still had the disco theme! This was another highlight of the trip was such a blast skating around and the rink is huge so plenty of space for people to spread out. I am not the best skater so my boyfriend ended up dragging me around which was honestly so fun😂 It costs DKK 20 (~$3) to enter and skate rentals cost DKK 75 (~$11) per hour. With rentals they give you headphones with 3 station options, one being holiday music.

Restaurant Barr

8:15p-10:30p: Walk right next door to Restaurant Barr (Michelin Guide), our favorite restaurant of the trip! It was so hard to narrow down where to eat in Copenhagen after getting so many recommendations, but I am beyond happy we tried this spot. Every course was incredible, and we paired them with the most unique beer tasting I’ve ever had. The inside was so cozy and we were so happy to experience true Nordic cuisine.

Cocktails Hotel Sanders/Brønnum

11p-12:30am: Walk back towards your hotel and pop into Tata Cocktail bar at Hotel Sanders or Brønnum. We did not have time for both, so we decided to check out Tata cocktail bar after raving reviews from a local! The bar was cozy and the cocktails were incredible. Make sure to ask for a matchbox if you are a collector 🙂

Day 2

I confess, the jet lag hit us pretty hard in the morning, so we slept in a bit later! We were able to do all of the morning itinerary outlined below minus Designmuseum which I would definitely squeeze in if you can. Otherwise, if you are like us and sleep in you could follow our order of Amalienborg, Apotek, then O12. Everything is time stamped exactly as we did other than Apotek (did later in the afternoon) and Designmuseum (went on Day 3).

Apotek 57

9:30-10AM: Start the morning with the most drool worthy cinnamon rolls to go from Apotek 57. We also got some matcha/coffee from here to go. The line for the cafe moves quickly and you may have to wait slightly longer if you want to get a table.

Another option right across the street is Atelier (walk in only) which is another famous Copenhagen breakfast spot, however it’s small inside and always a long line which in my opinion not worth it as Apotek/Ø12 have equally great options.

Designmuseum Danmark

10-11:45 AM: Just an 8 min walk from Apotek is the Designmuseum Danmark. Recommending visiting this earlier in the day as we made the mistake of showing up at about 530p (6p close Fri-Wed) and were turned away for entrance since they said not enough time to explore. The exhibits looked really cool, so I would definitely try to visit if you can!

Amalienborg Palace

Noon: From 11:30am-12p the Danish Royal Guard does a march from Rosenborg Castle to the Amalienborg Palace. Show up to Amalienborg at 12p prompt to see the guard walking into the palace grounds. It’s about a 7 minute walk from the Designmuseum. You can’t miss it gets crowded with people lining up to watch. If it gets tough for you to time seeing this during your 3 days in Copenhagen, I would say it could be skipped as I enjoyed other attractions more, but definitely fun to see if you can squeeze in!

Changing of the Royal Gard at the Amalienborg Palace


12-2p: We had an amazing brunch at Ø12 which I would highly recommend checking out. It’s a bit further North in Copenhagen, so you could either taxi from the Palace (~5 min drive) or walk (~20 min). I’m linking the menu here because the options were incredible. The eggs benedict on a crispy sweet potato cake was heavenly as it had all my fave breakfast foods on one plate. The apple, carrot, and ginger juice was also delish and you could tell was fresh squeezed.

Rosenborg Castle/Kings Garden

2-3p: Would highly recommend touring the Rosenborg Castle. We loved exploring all of the rooms and reading about the history in each one. Every room had a different vibe to it with the most stunning designs I have seen. Would say this was one of the top castles I have toured and they also have a full collection of royal gemstones in the basement to check out! It took us about an hour to walk through everything for reference.

The garden was cool to walk through as well, and would love to return to see everything in full bloom outside of the winter season.


We did not make it to Torvehallerne, but was a spot on my list to check out! Noting here as it is just a 13 min walk from the Rosenborg castle if able to squeeze into your trip. Torvehallerne is a food market with a variety of options to explore. This blog has a great roundup of everything if interested in exploring more. An alternative option from this itinerary would be to do an earlier breakfast and swing by here for lunch!

Round Tower

3-3:30p: We booked it straight to the Round Tower to see the sunset in time. It’s a long spiraling walk up, but worth the views of all of Copenhagen at the top!

Shop till you drop!

3:30-5p: There are so many fun stores in that area we had a blast exploring. Some favorites include: Studio Arhoj, Søstrene Grene, Boii Studios, and Sui Ava. Studio Arhoj is a must visit, they have the most beautiful pottery and trinkets with a quirky flair. We came back with a ton of gifts from Studio Arhoj along with claw clips for the girls from Sui Ava!

If shopping is not your thing, you could also check out the Christiansborg Palace and Glyptoteket during this time! Note that the Glyptoteket closes at 5p.

Julemarked Christmas Market 

5-6p: Swing by the Julemarked Christmas Market for a hot glass of gløgg (mulled wine). I adore the European Christmas markets, and nothing like a hot glass of gløgg to warm you up on a chilly night. The market is so cute to walk through and there are a ton of shops to explore too.


7-8:30p: You cannot miss Tivoli during your 3 days in Copenhagen. Even if you just walk through, this in my opinion, is a must see (it’s also the world’s 3rd oldest amusement park)! My boyfriend is not one for rides so we mostly just explored the grounds, tried some aabelskiver to hold us over (Danish pancakes – SOO GOOD), and ofc had to get some more gløgg. The grounds were seriously magical with all of the holiday lights decorating them. We did go on the swings ride however which was a blast!


9p: Head to Delphine for dinner in the meatpacking area. We had a late res (9p) with bar seating, and had a great experience! The food was all Mediterranean small plates and the espresso martinis were delish! On the reservation, it said from 9p-1am it turned into higher energy with a DJ. I didn’t notice the DJ much and felt like we could still carry a normal convo easily without struggling to hear each other.

Duck & Cover

Walk over to Duck & Cover after dinner for a late night cap. The cocktails were so good, and it was super cozy inside. We made some Danish friends and had a blast chatting with them and bar hopping to another spot after!

Day 3


10-11 Breakfast @Grod (oatmeal and chia bowls)

Church of savior climb

We ended up opting out of this since we had already seen the city views from the Round Tower, but definitely an option to check out while in that area!



Boat Tour

Including in an option to plan in for your trip, however we opted out since was just way too chilly during winter months. Tours take about an hour if you choose to take a tour and can book here.


8:30p: Dinner reservation at Vækst, a gorgeous restaurant on the Michelin Guide.


End your 3 days in Copenhagen with cocktails at Gaia, one of our favorite drink spots we visited. I loved how festive it was inside too with all the holiday decor (pictured below). They also had the most fun cocktails using dry ice, and you can see one of the drinks ordered below. I made a reservation for 10p, but we missed it with dinner going way over. We were still able to get a spot at a table just fine and made some friends with the most adorable Scottish family sitting next to us!

Day 4

Departure to the airport. Can of course vary, but give yourself PLENTY of time to get through security. I was shocked at how long the line was, took easily over an hour to get through.

I hope you enjoyed our 3 days in Copenhagen recap, and drop a comment below or reach out to me if you have any other questions before your trip!

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