7 Work From Home Tips to Maximize Productivity

I know these are crazy & uncertain times for all of us. With the Coronavirus spreading, many of us have shifted to work from home environments. While some of us may be used to this, it may be an entirely new experience for many of you.

Working for a startup has led to many times I have spent my days working from home. Therefore I have learned some tips and tricks along the way. I rounded up 7 of my top work from home tips to maximize productivity for success during these crazy times.

1. Designated Work Space

This is so key to having a productive work from home environment. Set up a space separate from your bedroom or other lounging areas within your house. This will train your brain that this space = work zone. It is incredibly tempting to work from your bed but your bed should be designated to solely sleep/sex.

2. Turn your Phone OFF

I know this may be a tough one for many of you. But phone = endless distractions to get sucked into a social media blackhole for an hour before you even realized what happened. When you are in the office, you are hyper aware of phone time due to being surrounded by others in your space. Be aware of the phone temptations while wfh. Turn the phone off chuck it across the room, and lock down into work mode.


Trust me I know how tempting it is to stay in your pajamas is all day. However this gets you in the wrong mindset of lounging and relaxation. Save your loungewear for when you are actually lounging. The work day needs to be heavy focus and worktime. The simple act of getting dressed in a normal outfit helps gets you in the right headspace of creating a distinction between work and lounge. I like to keep it professional on top and comfy on bottom. Have some comfy leggings and slippers on bottom but have a nice sweater or blouse on top for work calls.

4. Morning Routine

The more structure you can add to your day, the better the output you can achieve during this work from home time. A strong morning routine helps set you up for success the entire day. This starts your day on the right note and gets you grounded. A few of my favorite morning routine activities include: make the bed, workout, lemon water, celery juice, healthy breakfast, gratitude, etc.

5. Stay Hydrated

In the office I always keep a hydroflask full of cold water and a tumblr with hot green tea to keep me hydrated throughout the day. At home it is easy to forget to drink at the same frequency so highly recommend continuing to keep your bottles close by and keep drinking! Working from home can lead to more mindless snacking as well so filling up with liquids helps curb cravings.

6. Time Block

Write out your top 7 tasks that MUST get accomplished that day. Work them into your schedule by estimating how long each task will take you. During this time do nothing but the task at hand for maximized productivity. My calendar incorporates the time I need to finish each task to keep me on track throughout the day and not procrastinate until 5 PM.

7. Take Breaks

Schedule in breaks for your physical and mental health. Whether that be a lunch break somewhere in between noon-1pm or a 20-30 minute walking break to get outside & moving. I scheduled in a 25 min yoga sculpt burst with my coworkers to get everyone moving and our heart-rate up. Little breaks keep your mood high and energy up.

Let me know your best work from home tips in the comments below & stay healthy everyone!

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7 Work From Home Tips to Maximize Productivity

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