7 Morning Routine Habits to Set You Up for Success

1) Make the Bed

When you first wake up in the morning, making the bed is such a simple task but SO important. This checks off the first task of the day giving you a sense of accomplishment which gives you momentum for the day to create a domino effect of completing tasks. I used to never make my bed and now love that first step to get my morning moving!

2) Morning Pages

The Morning Pages, designed by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way is done first thing in the morning. It is a brain dump for roughly 3 pages to write using a stream of consciousness. This task is so therapeutic and opens your eyes to trends in your thought patterns. The Morning Pages also give you a creative outlet to let your thoughts wander to identify the root of what is really going on in your mind.

Make sure these are 100% confidential and not subject to others reading so you can be free to be fully open and transparent with them. This provides space for your authentic voice with no fears of being held back.

3) Lemon Water Chug

I cannot go a day without the morning lemon water chug. Think of your body like a plant and you are watering yourself first thing in the morning! I fill up an entire hydroflask (white with the straw lid – a MUST) and use my lemon squeezer to add fresh lemon. It is best to fresh squeeze your lemon rather than using pre-squeezed from the store. Lemon Water is such a refreshing way to start the day and there are a number of health benefits from drinking lemon water including: great source of Vitamins B & C, cleanses your liver, flushes toxins out, and helps hydrate your cells.

4) Celery Juice

I wrote an entire blog post here on the amazing benefits of celery juice in the mornings. You can juice your celery with a masticating juicer (recommended – I use the Hurom Juicer and love!) Celery juice is amazing for your gut health, anti-inflammatory, loaded with vitamins & minerals, and has healing properties. It is best to wait ~20-30 minutes at least following your lemon water chug to drink your celery juice to flush your body out. You should the day of drinking rather than storing the juice or buying store bought.

5) Dry Brush & Cold Shower

This combo is the BEST for waking you up on groggy, sleepy mornings.

Dry Brush: Start with a dry brush to exfoliate your body, boost your circulation, reduce cellulite, and energizes you up to take charge of the day. Start with your ankles and brush up in small circular motions. The only exception is your back. Instead start at your neck and work your way down. Mind Body Green has a great step by step guide to dry brushing. Add an oil to your body before hopping into your cold shower.

Cold Shower: This is something I’ve more been recently doing and LOVE how much of an energy boost it gives in the morning! If you are new to cold showers I would recommend starting with a warm shower and easing into the cold temperatures. You can build up your time tolerated as well but focus on your breathing and enjoy feeling the energy shock as the cold water helps take you out of grogginess and super charges you for the day.

6) Daily Affirmations & Gratitude

I either go through these in the shower or ground myself outside and go through affirmations and gratitude. Get specific as possible with these.

For affirmations visualize the person you want to be and repeat characteristics in the present as in “I am ___.” It can be a personality trait, a title, a job, a state of mind, etc. This helps put you in the persona and believe that you ARE that person.

For gratitude, start with 3 things you are grateful for and work yourself up to 10. What I’ve noticed since starting daily gratitude is recognizing gratitude during the day when something else positive happens. It forces us to shift our mentality and look at everything half full rather than half empty and seek out the good in our lives. It is a complete change in mindset!

7) Podcast/Audio Book

Starting your day off with an inspiring podcast or audio book is a great way to kickstart your day, inspire you, and learn something new as you get ready for the day. The following are some of my favorites:


Audio Books:

Hope you enjoyed this summary of my top 7 morning routine habits and be sure to let me know your favorite habits you have implemented in your routine below!

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