4 Days in Mexico City Itinerary (Stay, Do, Eat, Drink)

This 4 Days in Mexico City ultimate guide covers everything you need to know for your next vacation in Mexico City including foods to try, where to eat, drink, stay and what to do.


Mexico City Guide

My best friends and I decided to plan a Girls Weekend in Mexico City to reunite and explore the city! Mexico City is the capital and largest city of Mexico. It is densely populated, high altitude, and full of culture and amazing food!

The city is even more special city to me as my Dad was born and raised there. He came to the US to play tennis in college which is where he met my Mom (and the rest is history)!

We only had 4 days total to soak in this charming city (not counting our travel day in), when I could easily spend weeks exploring so many different areas. Definitely a city I’m dying to return to as 4 days is simply not enough to see everything the city has to offer!

The following includes our full itinerary at a glance, along with additional recommendations of where to eat, drink, stay, and what to pack for your 4 Days in Mexico City getaway! Make sure to scroll all the way down as well for my roundup of all the recommendations I received from various local friends/comments from locals on my TikTok post.

What to Expect in Mexico City

  • Local Language: Spanish. If you don’t speak Spanish, I definitely recommended learning at least learn a couple of basic phrases such as hola (hello), adios (goodbye), gracias (thank you), etc!
  • Currency: Peso. $1 US Dollar = ~$20 Pesos (as of date written)
  • Credit Cards & Cash Withdrawals: I used my Credit Card/Apple Pay almost the entire trip. There were only a couple spots we needed cash including the markets (they take CC too, just with spend min), and the cover to enter Departamento bar.
  • Safety: I felt very safe the whole time we were in the city, especially where we were staying in Condesa (we walked around to so many spots at night and never had any issues). Of course always use your best judgement and try not to wear any flashy jewelry/clothes that could draw unwanted attention to you.
  • Water: Do NOT drink the tap water! Drink from water bottles only or water provided by restaurants.

4 Days in Mexico City Itinerary at a Glance:


  • Evening:
    • Land in Mexico City. Head to accommodation and settle in.
    • Dinner at Azul Condesa
    • Churros for dessert at El Moro





  • Brunch at Lardo
  • Head to Airport for departures

Where to Stay in Mexico City (CDMX):


  • Mid-Range: Casa Cleo Boutique Apartments – This has great reviews (4.7 on Google & 9.5 on Booking) with 24/7 security and in a great location (Condesa/Hippodromo) area. Rates around $300/night.
  • Budget: Distrito Condesa Rooms and Studio – The location of these rooms is perfect right in the heart of Condesa. They offer a daily continental breakfast for guests. Great space for a large group since can book out up to 6 rooms with rates as low as $128/night.




Airbnbs are also a great option as you can in some cases connect more with locals and get a homier vibe during the trip. I generally prefer hotels when traveling, but Airbnbs can be a better option with a large group.

  • Fantastic House 6BR / Roma Norte (~$183/night – 13 guests) We met friends staying here and it was such a nice space with multiple floors! Perfect location too and all of the rooms were super cute with great courtyard/patio spaces.

How to Get Around Mexico City:

Uber: We took Uber’s everywhere! They are super easy to call via the app and we never had any issues with our drivers.

Walk: Once in destination neighborhood you can walk around with ease. For example, once we got to the Frida Kahlo Museum, we could easily walk to the Trotsky House & Mercado. Always use your best judgement, but areas like Roma Norte/Condesa we felt very safe walking around at night with our group.

Day 1 in Mexico City

Airport arrivals and Uber to accommodation.

Azul Condesa

We started our 4 days in Mexico City at Azul Condesa for gourmet Mexican food! The plating and interior was beautiful, and we loved our meal. A few alternative dinner options nearby you could check out (recommended by locals) include: ZUZU rooftop Condesa or Isakaya Kura!

Churrería El Moro

Head over to Churrería El Moro for churros & hot chocolate. They are open 24/7 and have traditional churros along with churro ice cream sandwiches. The hot chocolate is also perfect for a chilly day!

Day 2 in Mexico City

Panaderia Rosetta

Start your morning with breakfast at Panaderia Rosetta, ranked #2 on TripAdvisor for dessert in CDMX. They have a wide assortment of pastries and the rol de canela was delish!

Teotihuacan Pyramids

Then head out for a day tour to the Teotihuacan Pyramids. We booked this exact tour from GetYourGuide. This was a 7 hour tour with hotel pickup and dropoff included, along with stops along the way at Plaza de Las Tres Culturas, the Teotihuacan Pyramids, lunch, and then the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Our tour guide was SO sweet and they alternated the full tour between English and Spanish.

We enjoyed doing a tour because then you get the history behind everything you are seeing. I would have loved a more condensed version, but it was nearly impossible to find condensed tours online! If I were to do this tour again, I would’ve parted from the tour at the pyramids after we heard the full history tour portion and had solo time to walk around.

La Gruta

I would then recommend going to lunch at La Gruta which is within walking distance from the pyramids over the spot the tour takes you to.

La Gruta by Teotiihuacan

Afterwards you can call an Uber home. Note it took us a while to finally be able to get an Uber home as there are much less frequent drivers in the area, but we stayed persistent and eventually were able to get one!

Additional Teotihuacan Tours Available to Book:


Head to Yemanya for dinner, a tropical inspired seafood restaurant. Yemanya is committed to sustainability and all fish used are either local to Mexico, or catches of the day. All of our plates were amazing and mus try the ceviche, esquites, and catch of the day(ours was sea bass)!

Day 3 in Mexico City


What better way to start your morning than with a good sweat?! Commando Studio is similar to Barry’s where it is half treadmill and half floor exercises. Note the class IS in Spanish, so I wouldn’t recommend if you can’t understand or not with someone who can help you follow along. The locker rooms were nice too which we showered in afterwards (note they don’t have blowdryers to use).

Ojo De Agua

We walked to breakfast at Ojo De Agua afterwards. They have a ton of healthy options, which is always very up my alley 🙂 However, I would say the food is a bit overrated after trying and overpriced for the city! Including a ton of additional recommendations below you can also check out.

Frida Kahlo Museum

This is a must see in Mexico City! We grew up with Frida paintings around the house, so it was such a special moment getting to see the home she lived in, and learn all about her tragic past. The courtyard garden was beautiful, and the home was very colorful and fun to explore.

I would recommend buying tickets in advance, which you can purchase from here (Viator) or here (TripAdvisor).

Additional Tours you can check out:

Trotsky Museum

The Trotsky House Musuem honors Leon Trotsky along with an organization that works to promote political asylum. It is within walking distance from the Frida Kahlo Museum. We did not tour the museum with a guide, which my friend said was a miss on our end since she loved her tour!

The Trotsky story is very interesting and they have a ton of history you can read through as you walk through the home. It was crazy to learn that there were multiple assassination attempts first with gunshots, and then ultimately succeeded with axe wound to head.

Purchase tickets upon arrival, and if you prefer a more guided tour you can check out options here.

Mercado Coyoacan

Walk to Mercado Coyoacan to explore a never ending maze of shops with every trinket you can imagine. I collect shot glasses so I took home a colorful skull shot glass and my friend bought a colorful skull candle. I recognized so many trinkets my fam has purchased over our life from baskets for tortillas, or beautiful glassware/pottery for the kitchen.

El Centro

Los Callejeros

Walk to a yummy hole in the wall spot we found for lunch: Los Callejeros. The veggie quesadillas hit the spot and the juices were INCREDIBLE, best ones of the trip. I had the agua de sandia (watermelon juice) and my friend had a custom green juice made for her. The staff was so sweet too and everything was so cheap!

Lucha Libre

At night, head over to Arena Mexico for a Lucha Libre show. It includes a few rounds of men/women dressed and often masked wrestlers staging fights with many body slams, tackles, and off stage fighting. The best part was the crowd getting super into the fights and screaming. We had so much fun at the show and would definitely recommend seeing at least once in your life to check off the bucket list! Note the drink options at the venue were so limited (only Tecate and Indio beers) so I would definitely pregame before the event (if you are wanting to drink).

You can book tickets alone through Ticketmaster or alternatively book add-ons through Viator or GetYourGuide which include a variety of packages such as skip the line entry, tequila shots, translator (great if you don’t speak Spanish since the show is NOT in english)!, etc.


Finish the night with drinks at Departamento, a 3 story bar in Roma Norte. Easily the best cocktails of the trip I had there (Mezcal & cucumber combo) and we had so much fun and met some really fun people! Note there is a cash cover to enter Departamento, so plan accordingly!

Day 4 in Mexico City


Start your morning with chilaquiles from Chilpa (hands down the best chilaquiles I’ve ever had from Chilpa (and I’m half Mexican)! They have custom build your own bowls which was so fun to put together. We made a breakfast bowl combo and it was incredible. It can get crowded, so factor in time. to put your names down while waiting for a table.

Chapultepec Castle

A must visit during your 4 days in Mexico City. It’s a bit of a hike up, but the views are gorgeous at the top and so worth it. Make sure to drink a lot of water beforehand, especially in warmer months. The castle was gorgeous to walk through and there are some amazing viewpoints of Mexico City.

Museo Nacional de Antropologia

If time allows, head over to Museo Nacional de Antropologia, the largest and most visited museum in Mexico. I was feeling a bit altitude sick at this point, so I just went home, but I definitely want to explore this museum during my next trip to Mexico City!


Head to the speakeasy Choza for a Thai influenced dinner and drinks. Can be a bit tricky to find, but ring the doorbell upon arrival and they will then put you in the waiting room for the terrace above. We had drinks while waiting and eventually made our way up for food. I really loved this spot and would definitely recommend!

Address: Av. Monterrey 193, Col. Roma CDMX, Mexico

San Luis Club

Finish your night salsa dancing at San Luis Club. This was easily one of the highlights of our trip, and I had such a blast dancing all night to the live band. 10/10 experience and would definitely return!

Departure Day


Time permitting, finish your trip to Mexico City with brunch at the cutest restaurant Lardo. The eggs & green juice hit the spot. They also have a pastry shop for a sweet snack to go. I asked them for a recommendation, which they said to try the guava pastry. Realized after, they weren’t really my cup of tea, but definitely worth trying while in MX city – many people LOVE them! Personal preference, but If I were to return would 1000% get a cinnamon roll instead.

Where to Eat in Mexico City (CDMX):

The following is a roundup of a TON of spots locals recommended to me for the next trip to Mexico City. Including these all on a map below so you can map out trying some of these for your 4 days in Mexico City!




Where to Drink in Mexico City:

Additional Food Tours Worth Checking Out in Mexico City:

I hope you enjoyed this recap of how to spend a perfect 4 days in Mexico City! Be Sure to Check Out Other Posts you may like!


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