14 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

OV Joggers | Cologne | Calvin Boxers | All Birds | AirPods Pro | Ugg Slippers | Mixology Kit | Cozy Robe | Pup on Socks | Toiletry Bag (Monogrammed) | Weekend Getaway Bag | Shaving Kit | Amazon Fire Stick | Woo Coconut Lube

How crazy is it that Valentine’s Day is just 3 weeks away?!? Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the new decade & now January is nearly over. Time seriously flies!

With V-Day approaching, I’m rounding up 14 VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS FOR HIM that your bae will love.

This valentine’s day gift guide has you covered with gifts ranging from $25-$249. listed in no particular order & realistic gifts he will actually get some use out of!

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him:

  1. Outdoor Voices Joggers $85 — The coziest, softest pair of pants your man will wear — so i’ve heard. These have been a huge hit in our household among the men!
  2. Bleau de Chanel Cologne $77/$130 – (size dependent) — To keep him smelling fineeee. 5 star reviews online!
  3. Calvin Boxers $36 — Love how classic these are and I feel like some men will put off investing in a nice new pair of boxers. They will love!
  4. All Birds $95 — Every guy I know that owns a pair raves about how comfy these are! Variety of color options.
  5. AirPods Pro $249 — The new Airpods are noise cancelling and incredibly lightweight. (I tested these out myself & can vouch for the quality of the noise cancellation functionality). Engraving options available and worth the cost!
  6. Ugg Slippers $110 — The coziest for cold winter days!
  7. Mixology Kit $150 — For the bartender/drink lover! Comes with a shaker.
  8. Cozy Robe $98 — Something he will never buy himself, but thank you later for it.
  9. Pup On Socks $25 — For your dog loving man, these are an awesome gift. These are cute & fun + so affordable!
  10. Toiletry Bag (Personalized) $139 — The monogram adds a great touch to this personalized gift. Perfect for overnight visits or weekend getaways.
  11. Weekend Getaway Bag $90 — Ideal for weekend visits if you don’t live together. Variety of color options!
  12. Shaving Kit $35 — Great for new relationships. He will love!
  13. Amazon Fire Stick $35 — For the tech guy – will result in some great “netflix & chills.” Perfect gift if he doesn’t already have one – obsessed with mine!
  14. Woo Coconut Lube $25 — Just listen the @theskinnyconfidential and you will understand. (All-natural Organic Ingredients)

Other Ideas:

  • Tickets to your favorite concert.
  • Treat him to dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  • Create a gift basked with an assortment of smaller gifts
  • Tickets to a sporting event for his favorite team — i.e football, basketball, hockey, etc.
  • Create a “coupon book” full of different favors he can use at his desire
  • Cook him a nice dinner with wine & make a meaningful playlist with all of your songs

Let me know what you end up getting bae & if you have any other gift ideas that you love for him!

Happy V-Day!


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