10 tips for keeping it HEALTHY at a DESK job

hi friends! today i’m sharing TEN tips on how to keep it healthy at a desk job.


PACK YOUR MEALS. This might seem obvious, but if i get lazy and stop packing lunches, there are a few things that happen. one i cave and get that unhealthy takeout the rest of the team wants that day or two – i end up overeating since the portion sizes when eating out tend to be larger. My favorite way to pack a lunch is in a BENTO BOX.

TWO: add STEPS to your COMMUTE

if you are commuting – park as far away as possible from the entrance. this might sound crazy but those few extra steps definitely add up! i always am wearing my Fitbit to motivate me to find ways to get extra steps in throughout the day. If you metro walk up the escalators, don’t stand and let it take you up.

THREE: take the STAIRS

TAKE THE STAIRS. unless you are in an office which a shit ton of floors – you should be taking the stairs. i was on the 5th floor for my job & always made it a point to take the stairs, even for days i didn’t feel like it


drink GREEN tea. most offices i’ve been in have a keurig or other coffee machine. i drink tea like it’s my day job. there are a billion benefits of drinking green tea including a boost in metabolism & energy without the jitters caffeine gives you.


DRINK WATER. i keep a bottle of my Healthy Human Stein by my side on the reg. drinking water has so many health benefits including weight loss, giving you energy, and flushing out the toxins.

bring healthy snacks to the office. if your office is anything like mine, there is an assortment of dunkin donuts days, snack drawers full of junk food, and catered meals. i’m all about treating yourself, but sometime i just feel best eating something a bit healthier, ya know? honestly feel so much more energized when i’m putting the proper nutrients in my body than a full sugar rush from caving & trying that donut in the break room. some snacks i like to pack are SquarebarsGoMacro Bars, or a banana/apple with one of Justin’s PB squeeze packs


find 15 minutes in your day to take a walk outside & get some fresh air. i know some days can be CRAZY & stressful AF but taking a hot sec to clear your brain, and get some movement helps me come back SO much more energized and power through my work.


get a standing desk that you can work out. studies show that sitting can be incredibly detrimental to your health and can lead to a variety of health problems. if you are unable to use a standing desk, you should get up and walk around at least once an hour. i use my fitbit charge 2 to notify me when i need to get up and move.

NINE: Coworker Fitness Challenge

start a fitness challenge with your coworkers. i have worked with a variety of teams that have incorporated fitness challenges into the team culture. for example, one team i was on had each person set three personal health goals in addition to a daily squat challenge, and the winner received a gift card of choice and water bottle. definitely a fun way to get the whole team motivated and staying on track.


walk while you talk! pacing around is the EASIEST way to get additional steps in if you are taking a phone call. the person on the other line will have no idea that you are walking, and it is an easy way to get closer to the recommended 10,000 steps a day.

& that’s it! tell me – what are some of your favorite ways to keep it healthy at your desk job? would love to hear in comments!



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