10 Ski Trip Essentials + Park City Mountain Recap

The vacation withdrawals are SO real from my family’s ski trip this MLK Weekend in Park City, Utah. We had the most incredible 3 day ski trip in Park City, Utah. Our uncle has a house near the Silver Star Lift which we are beyond grateful for & love making trips out there every year! This post will walk you through the 10 Ski Essentials for Your Next Trip along with a Park City Mountain Recap!

1. Base Layers | 2. Ski Sweater |3. North Face Pants|4. Descente Ski Jacket|5. Ski Socks|6. Helmet|7. Waterproof Gloves|8. Hand & Toe Warmers|9. Smith Goggles|10. Neck Warmer

1. Base Layers:

You will need 2-3 Sets as these will are the closest layer to your skin and will get dirty! Here are two of my favorite brands:

  • Sweaty Betty: Top & Leggings
    • Slightly pricier option, but variety of fashion forward style options! Super cozy & warm.
  • Hot Chilly’s: Top & Leggings
    • More affordable option with black, white, and gray color options. These are super comfy & will keep you warm on the slopes all day!

**It was incredibly cold in Park City one of our ski days so I layered the Sweaty Betty top over the Hot Chilly’s & then added one of the “Second Layer Tops” linked below**

2. Second Layer Tops:

You will need 2-3 tops to layer if needed & to alternate each day on the slopes.

  • Perfect Moments “SKI” Sweater
    • 100% Merino Wool & super retro/fun to wear! Pricier option but worth the cost if you have a higher budget.
  • Patagonia Quarter Zip
    • Fleece quarter zip in variety of color options. I ordered size S. Great bang for your buck & perfect for layering!
  • Lulu Lemon Half Zip
    • Warm, Quick-Drying, Sweat-Wicking. Currently on sale!

3. Ski Pants

Only one pair needed – option to swap different colored pants if you are going for the fashionista route 🙂

  • Obermeyer Jinks Pant
    • Slim-fitting and black/white color options. I ordered Size 6 & loved how these tucked into my ski boots! For a warmer pair I would recommend investing in one of the pants below but these are perfect for spring skiing!
  • Bogner Fire + Ice Ski Pant
  • North Face Apex Pants
    • Slimmer pants and affordable option. These sell out fast!
  • North Face Freedom Pants
    • Looser fit and also an affordable option. I have in white.
  • Bogner Fire + Ice Ski Pant
    • Higher end pair of pants & amazing quality. Worth the cost for higher budgets.

4. Ski Jacket

Only one pair needed – option to swap different colored jackets if you are going for the fashionista route.

  • Descente Layla Faux Fur Jacket
    • Priciest option but this brand & coat are worth the investment if you anticipate skiing often
  • Columbia Lay D Down Coat
    • The coat I wore in pics above – soft inside & will keep you warm on the slopes!
  • Obermeyer Tuscany Ski Jacket
    • Obermeyer is another great affordable brand with variety of cute color options. I have had Obermeyer coats in the past & loved!

5. Ski Socks

You will need 2-3 pairs to alternate on the slopes as these will get dirty!

  • SmartWool: PHD Sock
    • My favorite brand of ski socks. Keeps your feet warm on the slopes all day & perfect to stick a pair of toe warmers on top!

6. Ski Helmet

Only one needed – options to rent at most resorts.

7. Waterproof Gloves

Only need one pair – essential to have on the slopes. Personal preference for Mittens v. Gloves and both will work great as long as waterproof!

8. Hand & Toe Warmers

I Amazon primed this huge box for the group to the house in Park City. Such a lifesaver on the slopes! Shake your hand warmers prior to leaving the house and keep inside your gloves (I prefer inside my glove liner). Peel the lining off the toe warmers and place ON TOP of your sock NOT on bottom.

9. Ski Goggles

Ski essential and worth investing in a good pair.

  • Smith Interchangeable Goggles
    • I would recommend interchangeable goggles for different ski conditions. I have an older style & love the ability to change depending on the day! Smith is my favorite brand.

10. Neck Warmer

Only one needed – affordable & you will be thankful for it on the slopes.

  • Long Neck Warmer – My favorite are the extra long ones that you can wrap all the way around your head & are easy to pull down to talk to your family/friends on the slopes.

Where/What to Eat on the Park City Mountain:

Packed Lunch:

One of our favorite lunches on the mountain is a PACKED one! We prepped a huge bowl of Whole 30 Chicken Salad and stored in our ski coats in a zip lock baggy. We also mashed some avocado and put that in a separate baggie. (the temps outside keeps it nice & cool until lunch 🙂 ) Most restaurants on the mountain have apples so we sliced one up and bought a side of veggies. Simple & delish!

Mid Mountain Resort: Our favorite place to stop for food on the slopes as it was significantly less crowded than other restaurants on the mountain. Tons of healthy buddha & poke bowl options + a great spot to get family/friends pics on the mountain with amazing views!

Near McConkey’s and Pioneer Lifts – *no easy route to lodge that we are aware of – have to take blue*

The Viking Yurt: Cutest & cosiest spot to grab a drink and warm up on a chilly ski day. Have recliners for lounging in the warmer ski months! You can also take a cab or sleigh ride up to the Yurt at night for the cutest gourment 6-course dinner!

Near top of Crescent Express Lift

& that is a wrap on all of my favorite Ski Trip Essentials + Park City Mountain recap! The vacation withdrawals are very real & I am already looking forward to the next time I can hit up the slopes!

Let me know if this guide was helpful & if you have any questions at all for your next trip – I would love to hear it!

Also, be sure to check out my Utah Park City Food Guide – 10 Best Restaurants to Try as well when planning out your next trip to Park City!


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